A Free Clinic Movement for the Underprivileged in America

Groups of Muslim doctors across America have been instrumental in opening up free health centres to cater to the needs of economically challenged sections of the population, irrespective of race and religion.

In a bid to help vulnerable and uninsured Americans, a group of Muslim doctors in Toledo, Ohio has opened a new clinic to provide free medical service for people of all faiths.

With no physical location, the doctors first volunteered at area’s homeless shelters, then held semi-regular clinics at Toledo Masjid Al-Islam, a mosque in North Toledo.

Later on, Muslim endocrinologist, Dr. Mahmood Moosa, offered space at his office where they opened Halim Clinic.

The clinic’s name is inspired by the concept of forbearance, and among its stated missions is “to deliver effective, quality care to patients by drawing on the character and generosity of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) as a role model.”

Dr. Abawi hopes the clinic would give a true image of Muslims as well as Islamic faith. This is not the first time Muslim doctors provide free medical help for poor American people.

Muslims in Northeast Philadelphia opened a free health clinic to provide health services to the needy and poor, in April 2018.

In South Carolina, the Shifa Clinic has been providing much-needed medical help to the needy for years.

In January 2012, a group of Muslim doctors volunteered to open the Rahma Health Clinic to provide free medical services for poor residents in New York’s Syracuse city.

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