What Can Antonio Guterres at the UN or the International Crimes Tribunal do about State Terrorism?

In the past – as in recent times – our international bodies have repeatedly proven inept, if not directly complicit, in handling state-driven terrorism. In such a dismal context, is a world united against state-terrorism even possible?


Nazism in Germany: Hitler’s Nazi Germany killed people not only within the State but outside the State. After the war, Nazis and indirectly, all the German People were punished at the Nuremberg Trials. The United Nations then was in its infancy; the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) was not even born yet.

Communism in the Soviet Union: Stalin’s Communist USSR, killed people not only within the State but also out of State. Stalin and the State were never brought to trial for killing millions under the Human Rights Violations

Zionism: Zionist Europeans, Zionist Israelis and the State of Zionist Israel, all throughout its history of over seventy years, killed people not only within the area but also outside the area. Zionist Israel has been known to have assassination and killer squads since the time before the creation of the state.

Zionist Israel and Zionist Israelis have never been brought to justice by the ICT for its Human Rights Violations of murder Systemic Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide. What will the ICT do to bring Zionist Israelis to justice?

China: Mao Ze Dong’s Communist China killed people not only within the State but also out of State. Mao and the State were never brought to trial for killing millions under the Human Rights Violations. Today, these violations continue –inside the State through Torture Camps.

Outside the State, China uses strong arm economic strategies. China sits in the UN Security Council. What will ICT do? How will the ICT bring China to Justice?

US Militarism: The United States of America is on the record for interfering in the affairs of Sovereign Nations and bringing about 55 Regime Changes; millions have been killed all over the world since World War II. The wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Chile, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria have left millions dead, civil societies and infrastructures destroyed, resulting in trauma, and mass migrations.

Today, Human Rights violations continue within the United States through State supported Racism. As well, the United States violates the Sovereignty of other Nations by using unilateral economic sanctions. The United States also has economic squads, hit squads, killer squad and finally war squads. The United States is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. What will the ICT do to bring the USA to justice?

Certain Governments, Individuals and Institutions have been brought before the ICT and charged accordingly. Rwanda, Burundi, Serbia have all experienced Genocide. The ICT has dealt with these Human Rights Violations because the big powers support these initiatives.

Wealthy developing Nations have now joined the club of countries where they have total disregard for these violations by practicing State-supported killings.

Certain countries and their leaders have developed this powerful EGO and ARROGANCE – that they are the most powerful; that they are the chosen; that they are the greatest; that they were the first and that they are above the law…This is IGNORANCE on their part.

It is time for a One Earth Nation; Anton Guterres, in memory of Kofi Anan who stood for Peace, please start a hashtag and call it One Earth Nation

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