‘Concentrating on Differences Will Prevent Unity amongst Muslims:’ Harun Yahya Speaks to Young Muslim Digest – (Part II)

A prominent Turkish Muslim scholar, Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya), has written various books on the fallacy of the theory of evolution. While his struggle against materialism and Darwinism has frequently been mentioned in mainly evolutionist publications, Adnan Oktar has also produced various works on Zionist racism and Freemasonry and their negative effects on world history and politics. The Zionism criticized by the author in his books is the baseless claims of Zionist extremists who pretend to world sovereignty, regard other human beings as worthless entities, maintain that the Jews are the chosen people and that God is theirs alone. Unable to rebut Adnan Oktar’s works on an intellectual level, materialist and Masonic circles incited a slander campaign aiming to neutralize it through slander and imputation. In November 1999, exactly when reports were circulating that his three-volume work Global Freemasonry, was about to be published, Adnan Oktar came under renewed pressure. As a result of the misinformation against him, police raided the homes and workplaces of members of the Science Research Foundation. They found no evidence of criminal activity, and observed no immoral activity. Nonetheless, day after day, the press ran falsehoods and mutually contradictory slanders. As a result, Adnan Oktar was remanded to prison for nine months, in the absence of any legal evidence. In this, the concluding part of his recent exhaustive interview with Young Muslim Digest, Adnan Oktar discusses, with Biju Abdul Qadir, the development of science and civilization under early Muslim rule, Zionism, the influence of freemasonry, his books on the subject, and a possible Muslim vision for the future.


YMD: How do you compare and contrast the thinking and methodology of Muslim scientists during the heyday of Islamic civilization with that of the Muslim scientists of today? In your view, what, in effect, has been the difference between the two? What, in your view, are the reasons for the stagnation that has entered the Muslim intellectual world in the last few centuries?

HY: There is actually only one very clear answer to this question. The age when Islamic civilization flourished, when it led the world in learning, science, art and architecture was when Muslims adhered more strictly to the Noble Qur’an and regarded all things as manifestations of the knowledge and might of Allah. The Qur’an, religion and faith bestow great strength and beauty. If people start to forget this fact, and to weaken in their faith and in their loyalty to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saas), these beauties will also gradually decrease and disappear.

Consider. When the Prophet Muhammad (saas) began to tell people of Islam, the Arabs were a people living in tribes that were hostile to one another because of their superstitious beliefs. However, they were freed from these superstitious beliefs through the light of the Qur’an and began to follow the path of reason. Eventually, one of the most astonishing events in history took place and Islam emerged from Medina, a small city, and spread from Africa to central Asia in just a few decades. The Arabs, who before that had been unable to run a single city in harmony, became rulers of a world empire after being honored with Islam.

They went even further than this, and led the way in a scientific surge the like of which had never been seen before. At a time when Europe was still living in the dark ages, the Islamic world established the greatest scientific inheritance that had ever been seen. Sciences such as medicine, mathematics, geometry, astronomy and even sociology were developed in a systematic manner for the very first time. Andalusia, where many Muslim scientists were raised, was the cradle of great progress and innovation, particularly in the field of medicine. Muslim physicians were trained in a wide range of fields, such as pharmacology, surgery, ophthalmology, obstetrics, physiology, bacteriology and hygiene, and made discoveries that would represent the foundations of modern science. While people in the medieval Europe were racked by diseases, Islamic scholars were engaged in great research in the fields of medicine, pharmacology and anatomy. The work of ar-Razi and Ibn-Sina (or Avicenna) served as a guide for Roger Bacon and other European men of science.

In the field of philosophy, Ibn-Rushd’s (or Averroes) commentaries on Aristotle were taught in the universities of Paris in the mid-13th century. The secret behind this surge forward in science was the learning and discipline of mind taught to Muslim scientists by the Qur’an. The words that one Muslim scientist wrote in his personal journal at that time are particularly significant and striking in terms of showing the strength of scientific understanding based on the Qur’an. This scientist wrote that he had studied day and night until he became an expert in all sciences, that in the event of a problem he was unable to resolve he would go to the mosque and prostrate himself and pray to Allah, and begged Him to enlighten him, reveal His secrets and make difficult matters easy for him. All science and knowledge belongs to Allah. He bestows knowledge on those who ask. Learning, research and thinking are all commanded by Allah in the Qur’an. Allah asks, “Will they not ponder?” He commands us to reflect on what is in the heavens and Earth and to investigate His creation. The increase in the importance attached to science, knowledge and art, and enormous strides forward in science that accompany the Golden Age will, insha’Allah, be in a similar way. Since people will return to Allah and the Qur’an and devote themselves once more to the Sunnah, Allah will open the doors of knowledge to Muslims. As devotion to religious moral values increases, the light of the Qur’an will again, insha’Allah, illuminate the world.

YMD: What is your reaction to the tendency among the youth who seem to test the Qur’an against modern science, and not the other way round?

HY: I demonstrate my reaction through my works that demolish Darwinism and materialism, because the only reason for this perspective held by the youth is the Darwinist and materialist education they are given in schools and their immediate surroundings. Children are told that they share a common ancestor with apes. They are told the lie that life emerged by chance and that there is no need for a Creator in order for life to appear. Young people’s brains are still fresh. Yet the school curriculum is generally one-sided and does not encourage them to research, think, investigate and question. Since the fact of Creation is not taught in schools, they have no means of making a sound comparison. That is why we constantly stress the need for the fact of Creation to be taught in schools and carry out our work on the subject. Our aim is to make young people aware of the true facts. Furthermore, if the facts are fully explained, if people are given an objective education rather than one dominated by materialist ideology, then young people will in any event see that the Qur’an is the word of Allah, the book of truth because the Qur’an contains many miracles. The presence in the Qur’an, revealed 1,400 years ago, of facts of which science was at the time unaware is one of proofs that it is the word of Allah. These miracles, or the scientific facts imparted in the Qur’an, are completely in agreement with modern scientific findings. Young people must be told these facts as a matter of the greatest urgency. There is in any case a major awakening among the youth as I see.….

YMD: How do you view modern genetic procedures like stem cell research and cloning? In your view, to what extent, if any, are such procedures permissible within an Islamic code of medical ethics?

HY: The subject of cloning or stem cell research is greatly distorted in daily newspapers and magazines, and is discussed with many different interpretations. So before answering your question I need to concentrate on the real nature and objective behind cloning or stem cell research. First and foremost, cloning is definitely not the same as creating. It is the height of ignorance, or deliberate distortion, to say that the cloning of an organ or life form means that an organ has been created or that a living thing or human being will be created. In cloning, the DNA of the life form planned to be copied is used. In the cloning process, information in an organism’s stem cell, in other words its DNA, is transferred into the egg in the womb. There is no question of creating a new life form here. Creation is bringing a thing into being from nothing, and this is unique to Allah. It is already existing genetic information and material inside a cell that are used in cloning. And the information inside the cell is transferred elsewhere, into the mother’s egg that will carry it. This is not the creation of a living thing.

When a farmer sows seeds in a field and later comes into possession of a field full of sunflowers, he has not created that field or those sunflowers. He might have merely prepared a favorable environment for sunflowers to emerge, by planting seeds, fertilizing and weeding them. In addition, let us, for a moment, assume that a human being did emerge as the result of cloning; that person will only bear a physical resemblance to the person copied. He will be like his twin. His soul will be completely different, because it is Allah Who bestows the soul. In other words, in the same way that twins are not the same person, but two entirely different ones, so that individual we are assuming to have been cloned will be a completely different person. There is no objection to cloning as long as it is used for proper objectives. For example, there are currently millions of people in the world awaiting organ transplants. These people are at risk of death unless a suitable organ can be found. When cloning is used to make such an organ, for instance, it will represent a major service for mankind. Millions of people will be freed from kidney dialysis machines. Millions will not have to wear prosthetic limbs any more. That will be of great benefit to humanity. Allah tells us that “if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind.”

It is, however, very important that people of good intentions who fear Allah, have faith and proper moral values, should be engaged in this task.

YMD: Can you please describe for us your latest work – The Atlas of Creation – which will finally consist of seven volumes, and whose first volume has already created such shock waves in Europe? How different is The Atlas of Creation from the other numerous but similar works that you have already authored on the subjects of Creation and Evolution?

HY: The Atlas of Creation has had an enormous impact on Europe, in particular. Newspapers described that impact in terms of “shock,” “deluge” or “earthquake.” In my view, the reason for such a great impact was the demolition of the theory of evolution in such a way as to leave no room for any doubt and the demonstration that living things are created. It contains very clear and rational explanations. It employs no demagoguery, rhetorical phrases or heavy style. It consists of rational, scientific and technical explanations. It contains nothing but evidence. In other words, while evolutionists are unable to offer a single piece of evidence for or an example of the intermediate forms they claim must once have existed, I have set out an encyclopedia’s, or rather seven encyclopedias’ worth of evidence. This means the end of the theory of evolution.

Their inability to respond to the Atlas shows that the theory of evolution is at an end. Since they say that evolution is true, let them come forward with evidence. In one sense, the Atlas of Creation served the same function as the staff of the Prophet Musa (as), which swallowed up all the spells of Pharaoh’s sorcerers and so shocked them. The materialist system is the system of the Dajjal, and the Atlas of Creation has broken the spell of the Dajjal, revealing the true facts. But, of course, we must not forget that it is Allah Who creates this effect, reveals the truth, shows people the facts, and convinces and causes them to believe them. It is Allah Who will eradicate Darwinism. All powers lie in Allah. Both materialists and Darwinists are servants of Allah. They may not be aware of it, but their every word, their every reaction and every thought is actually under His control.

YMD: What has been the response to your books in America and the UK? How have they helped the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in these countries? What has been the feedback from the scientific circles in the West, especially from the Creationist lobby there? Is it not a problem for Creationists in the West that your views, while actually corroborating their own, tend to lead people towards an Islamic worldview as against the Judeo-Christian one?

HY: Muslims in America and the UK are generally comfortable, carry out excellent work and use my books in a number of spheres. As I have already mentioned, there are Muslim Students’ Associations in every university in America and the UK. Muslim students in these universities use the material we prepare in a wide range of activities. They stage poster exhibitions that disprove evolution and demonstrate the fact of Creation. They can download and print these posters free of charge from my web sites. They set up reading groups and regularly read my books. They hold video presentations and conferences, again using our videos. My colleagues attend these conferences as speakers. It is not only Muslims who attend these, but also non-Muslim academics, students and members of the public. There is enormous interest in our work, Alhamdulillah, in America and the UK. Many foundations make use of these in the same way. There are publishing houses that print and distribute my books in these countries.

We have no direct links to Christian creationists. However, the world’s best known and most active ceationist professors came to Istanbul and Ankara as speakers at two conferences on the subject of Creation held by the Science Research Foundation. Some of my colleagues here have also attended their conferences as speakers. I do not think that my work makes Christian creationists uneasy in any way. In fact, they are probably very pleased with them because materialism and Darwinism are opposed to all religions and faiths. The end of materialism will be a cause for rejoicing for them too. It is not important by whom this is accomplished. It is the result that counts. It is not a competition. I do not think that anyone with honest intentions will be made at all uneasy. Above all, they need to support Islam and to prefer it over atheism.

YMD: The English and German editions of National Geographic’s November 2004 issue have referred to your works concerning creation, and have quoted from your book, The Evolution Deceit, thus: “The theory of evolution is nothing but a deception imposed on us by the dominators of the world system.” In your opinion have these ‘dominators of the world system’ at the time you wrote The Evolution Deceit, changed from the ones in power today?

HY: The powers to which I referred are not the leaders and administrators we see around us. I am referring to a covert, secret power, one that is active behind the scenes. That force has remained the same, unchanging, for hundreds of years. Individuals have changed, of course, but their logic, actions and ideology have remained exactly the same. I am referring to Freemasonry and the influence of Freemasons.

Probably the main reason why Freemasonry is a secret society is that they seek not to expose their nature against religious morality. Masonry does not believe in religion and attempts to spread this to all of society. The first thing they resort to is to seek to impose the theory of evolution, which is a deception of no scientific value, on society as if it were the proven truth, in order to eliminate religious moral values. Indeed, when you look at the origins of the theory of evolution, what you find is Masonic associations and Freemasons. Charles Darwin, for example, inherited his first ideas regarding the theory of evolution from his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, who was one of the most eminent Masons of his day.

I have provided wide-ranging accounts of Freemasons’ real aims and the alliance between Freemasonry and Darwinism in many of my books and writings. Indeed, the first volume of the book Global Freemasonry has a whole chapter specially devoted to this subject….

YMD: In 1986, when your work, Judaism and Freemasonry, was due for publication, you were arrested and detained. But certain circles promised that if you ceased publication of Judaism and Freemasonry, you would be released and spend the rest of your life in comfort: offers which you, of course, rejected. What, in your view – as the author of Judaism and Freemasonry – was the prime reason for this hostility towards this book and its author?

HY: Freemasonry is like a worm that lives hidden underground. It is reluctant to emerge into the light of day. My revealing the true face of Masonry naturally disturbed them because when it brought out into the daylight, the worm wriggles and dies. That is why it never emerges from underground. I am not the only target. Other writers and researchers who have exposed the true face of Freemasonry all over the world have either died under mysterious circumstances, or been imprisoned as the result of false slanders, or else other major obstacles have been placed in their way. There are many examples of this. But I also initiated an intellectual war against materialism and Darwinism, the fundamental ideology and teaching of Freemasonry. There are not many other instances of this. That is why the severity of the pressures placed on me never decreases. This is something that will greatly anger and trouble them.

In the same way that Pharaoh was troubled by the Prophet Musa (as), fearing that his philosophy would be destroyed and that he would have his power taken away from him, Masons feel exactly the same fear and concern. Note that Pharaoh first attempted to use a knowledge previously employed by the Prophet Musa (as) himself, sorcery, against him. But when he failed in this, when the Prophet Musa (as) overcame all Pharaoh’s magic, he then turned to naked aggression, using increasing levels of pressure, intimidation and death threats, even attempting to kill him.

Now, when Masons realized that they were unable to establish any intellectual superiority and that I would not, by Allah’s leave, give up my work, they increased the severity of their attacks. They began with threats, then moved on to mental hospital, prison, conspiracies, death plots and prison again. And they are still at it. But by Allah’s leave, I was able to continue on my path with no harm done. I have no fear of prison or mental hospitals, even though I have been detained under the harshest conditions. But my faith in, submission to and love of Allah meant that I was able to treat those difficult days as sources of great beauty. On every occasion I rejoiced for my life in the Hereafter, gave thanks to Allah, and reacted with joy and submission.

Masons have no power to do anything. Nobody has. They are also servants created by Allah. They are destined to spend their lives struggling against the faith. My destiny, thanks be to Allah, is to wage an intellectual struggle on the path of Allah. That is what Allah has chosen.

YMD: In November 1999, when your three-volume work, Global Freemasonry, was about to be published, you again came under pressure from the forces that had worked against you in the past with smears, plots, false reports and accusations. How is Global Freemasonry different from Judaism and Freemasonry?

HY: The book Global Freemasonry was a wide-ranging study I had put together over many years. It contained documents and information showing that many famous individuals were Masons, and I was just about to finish it. I foresaw that since I would be exposing many well-known names, they would move against me. And that is just what happened.

A major operation was staged against me in 1999. I was first detained for a week and then imprisoned for nine months. Then I was naturally cleared and released. While I was detained they confiscated my computer, books, CDs, archives and whatever else I had, and the majority of these were never returned to me. Among these were many CDs and documents regarding my book Global Freemasonry. We applied to the courts a number of times, and announced that these CDs were never returned and had disappeared in some way. But we never brought the issue to a successful conclusion. The aim of the operation in question was in any case to destroy that work.

YMD: You have singled out Darwinism, Marxism and Freudian thought as being closely related and as being the basis of all materialistic philosophy in the world today. How do you view the opinion that the nature of the minds working behind the origin and growth of these schools of thought have been the same?

HY: Darwinism, Marxism and Freudianism are all applications of materialist philosophy in different spheres. Darwinism interprets the materialist perspective in terms of the origin of life, Marxism of human societies and Freudianism of human psychology. It is, therefore, normal that they should think along similar lines. In other words, they offer similar explanations not because they espouse something true, but because they essentially espouse the same thing. They all defend atheism. In maintaining that human beings are nothing more than collections of matter, they deny the existence of the soul. Freud, for instance, completely ignored the human soul in his investigation of human psychology, described man as a purely physical entity consisting of physical impulses such as sexuality, and interpreted him accordingly.

We see that materialist philosophy has existed ever since ancient times, and the Qur’an reveals that there were materialists in the most ancient times. Pharaoh, for example, was a materialist, as were the unbelievers and idolaters in the time of the Prophet Ibrahim (as). One can see the materialist viewpoint in all periods of history, from the Sumerians to ancient Greek religions. This false belief spread in the 19th century, becoming a settled intellectual system. Figures such as Darwin, Freud, Marx, Engels, Feuerbach, Nietzsche and Durkheim all undertook the task of spreading materialism in their differing fields. It is, of course, significant that they all emerged at the same time, in the same century, and this brings to mind the forces who played a role behind and supported these people.

YMD: How much do you agree with anti-Holocaust theory advocates like Roger Garaudy of France and David Irving, the British war historian?

HY: Let me first of all make it crystal clear that I make no distinction on the grounds of any faith, race or ethnic background, and I am opposed to all forms of genocide, torture and oppression. We condemn the slightest unjustified attack on both Jews and any other nation. This is what the moral values commanded by Allah in the Qur’an require. In the Qur’an, Allah curses those who cause corruption on Earth, oppress others and slaughter the innocent.

It is a perfectly clear fact that before and during World War II, many innocent Jews were oppressed and killed. I strongly condemn the oppression and murder of these innocent people by the Nazis or anyone else. The suffering inflicted not only on Jews but on tens of millions of other innocent people who lost their lives during the war cannot be justified in any way, no matter what nation they were from, be they German, Russian, British, French, Japanese, Chinese, Gypsies, Croats, Poles, Berbers, Serbs, Arabs or Bosnians.

What I concentrate on in the question of the Holocaust is the way that some of the founders of Israel were in a secret collaboration with Nazi Germany, which was responsible for such terrible barbarity. This may come as a shock to many people, but the historical facts show that some of the founders of the state of Israel, in other words some radical Zionists, entered into close collaboration with Nazi Germany. They thought that Nazi pressure would encourage European Jews to immigrate to Palestine. They gave economic and political support to the Nazi Reich, which inflicted such suffering on their own people and many other nations, and applauded the Nazis’ racist policies. This is an important subject, because Nazi savagery and the tragedy of the Jews subjected to it has been used as a political tool from World War II up to the present day. Certain elements inside the state of Israel have constantly sheltered behind the concept of ‘the Holocaust’ in order to justify their own occupations and terror policies and to silence the criticism directed towards them. In fact, it was the international support and sympathy stemming from the concept of the holocaust that to a large extent made the founding of the state of Israel possible.

What I criticize in my books is not patriotic Jews’ legitimate actions and demands, but some Zionist mindsets and practices based on a radical and racist conception. Indeed, it was the radicals in question and various Zionists unable to foresee the dangers to which this would give rise who collaborated with the Nazis. Indeed, even today various pro-peace Israeli citizens, devout Jewish believers and a large part of those Jews living abroad, and even moderate Zionists themselves oppose radical Zionism and fiercely criticize the racist analysis of that ideology, which is incompatible with religious moral values. Contrary to the propaganda spread in the early days of Zionism, historical experience has proved that the ideology was subsequently transferred into a violent movement by certain circles, posed a clear threat to peace and security, and that radical Zionism has inflicted great losses not only on the Arabs but on the Jews themselves. History shows that the Jews, and therefore their neighbors and the surrounding region, will never know peace until radical Zionism is abandoned.

YMD: How active are you in the domestic politics of Turkey?

HY: I have no interest in or links to politics, and will not have in the future, either, inshaAllah. It is not my field. I concentrate on serving by way of my books and ideas. Anyone who wishes can, of course, make use of these books, and that is indeed my objective. I am honored if people make use of my ideas and books, and give thanks to Allah.

YMD: What is your opinion on the current political climate in the Muslim world, for example, the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc., and of the ongoing ‘War on Terror’?

HY: In one of his hadith our Prophet (saas) has drawn attention to the terrible scale of the strife of the Dajjal in the words: “Since the birth of Adam (as) till the advent of the Judgment Day there is no fitnah much greater than that of Dajjal,” and warned all people against this peril. It would seem from the fact that the portents of the appearance of the Dajjal related by our Prophet (saas) in the hadith have one by one come to pass – that the Messiah Dajjal has already appeared.

A great many events experienced on Earth are in complete agreement with the information provided by our Prophet (saas) and Islamic scholars regarding the time the Messiah Dajjal will appear and the deeds he will perform. It is indicated in the hadith of our Prophet (saas) that the Dajjal will approach the members of the three revealed religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims, with different methods, and will seek to wreak terrible strife and corruption by turning them against one another. It is revealed in hadith that as a result of this strife of the Dajjal’s, the world will become the stage for a great war, that blood will be shed and the numbers of dead will rise dramatically.

It is reported that nowhere will be beyond the Dajjal’s sights. And the conflicts in Middle East is one of the signs that Dajjal is at work. The appearance of Dajjal is also the sign of appearance of Prophet Isa (as) and Hadrath Mahdi. All the Dajjal’s stratagems will only be thwarted with the coming of Mahdi and Prophet ‘Isa (as) (at whose hands he) will be humiliated in the public eye and will suffer a terrible defeat. With the coming of Prophet ‘Isa (as) and the Mahdi, those paganistic beliefs and philosophies that deny the infinite might of Allah that the Dajjal seeks to have prevail on earth will be utterly defeated. When people come to live by Qur’anic moral values, the world will be freed from wars, conflicts, hostility, oppression and injustice; and an age of peace, happiness and security will dawn for mankind. Therefore, believers who are sincerely preparing for the coming of Prophet ‘Isa (as) should engage in endeavors to construct the infrastructure for such an environment and strive to prevent all forms of discrimination and conflict.

YMD: You speak of the ‘Death of Materialism’ today. But how hopeful can we be of this happening in the context of a new demon – the mass media – having raised its head and succeeding in distracting the masses, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, from the hollow premises of Materialist ideology, and tempting them into a life of lethargy and overindulgence?

HY: Materialism and the theory of evolution are now scientifically dead. The extraordinary progress made in all branches of science, such as biology, paleontology, astronomy, physics, cosmology and genetics, in the 20th century, and the knowledge gleaned from these, clearly refute materialism and the theory of evolution. However, there are still efforts being made to conceal this from the public. The only reason for this is that when materialism and the theory of evolution are abandoned, all that remains is belief in Allah.

They are, at the moment, striving not to acknowledge this truth. But their resistance has been seriously weakened. For example, the Council of Europe issued a report recently. In summary, the report said that “religious groups must be tolerated in democratic societies, criticisms must be free of hatred, the public order must not be impaired and religious groups must not be targeted. Violence against and anger towards religion must be prevented, and hatred and violence towards religious groups must be punished. Intellectual Islamic communities can play an important role in the prevention of fanaticism; they can help prevent the youth from being misled by fundamentalists. Racism may hide behind a screen of criticizing religion. There should be greater emphasis on religious studies in schools. In this way, dialogue with Christian, Muslim and other religious groups can be established.”

This is a very important and positive development. Now that materialism has collapsed, it’s time to tell people that the sole solution lies in religion. For that reason, Muslims must make great efforts and show, through their intellectual work, their attitudes, speech and behavior, that religion and faith in Allah is the only solution to all problems. At the present time the whole world is looking for a way out of this chaos. Yet nobody ever thinks that the way out lies in religious moral values. People need to be told. Allah has promised that if we believe in Him, without ascribing equals to Him, He will give us dominion on Earth. What we must do is to live in accordance with Allah’s commandments and the Sunnah of the  Prophet (saas) and to do all in our power to tell people the truth. The outcome rests with our Lord.

YMD: What would be your message for Muslim youth living in today’s difficult times?

HY: At a time when irreligion is widespread in many regions of the world, when terrorism and anarchy threaten all of mankind, and when many innocent people are oppressed, what true believers must do is to muster all their resources to wage an intellectual struggle against irreligion.

Concentrating on the differences of opinion between Muslims will prevent the establishment of unity and weaken the force of that necessary intellectual struggle. Present conditions require us to set aside all differences of opinion and join forces to spread religious moral values. Every Muslim must assume the responsibility for the intellectual struggle against Darwinism.

All Muslim non-governmental organizations, charities, foundations and associations must act together in a common awareness, without saying “This is not the job of our organization” or “This is not the work of our foundation,” and contribute to the struggle against Darwinism. Avoiding participation in the intellectual struggle against Darwinism and materialism by coming up with such excuses and failing to act in a spirit of union and unity may have dire consequences in this world and in the Hereafter. If Muslims combine all their means to engage in the intellectual struggle against irreligion in order to win the approval of Allah, this will result, by His leave, in the finest possible outcome for all mankind. Work carried out honestly, in a spirit of union and unity, will, as our Lord has promised in the Qur’an, be a means whereby truth will be victorious and falsehood vanished.


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