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Q. I am 27-year-old, unmarried, female, and I am a regular reader of your magazine since I was a kid. Today, I am writing to you regarding a few doubts that I have, and hope you will clear them. I am suffering from some sort of diseases since 2010,but from past two years, I am suffering from autoimmune disease because of which I am unable to walk properly as my feet pain terribly. One of my relatives told my mother that maybe someone has done magic on me, which I don’t believe. Anyway, she contacted a moulvi from Bangalore.By merely knowing my name,the moulvi was able to tell everything about me, such as that I am unmarried and am suffering from the past four years.I wonder when prophets themselves could not tell anything until the revelation came to them from Allah,how can a common man tell anything about me? He informed us that someone has done magic on me and only after the magic breaks, I will get healthy again. Then he divided the magic breaking method in three parts to be attempted over seven days.

Part 1: He gave a paper on which something was scribbled and one more paper that was rolled and asked me to hold them on forehead and read out the Darood eleven times,Surah Fatihah seven times and Salaamun Qawlan min Rabbir Raheem 28 times. Then rotate that paper around the head and shoulders 21 times. All this had to be done before sunrise.

Part 2: This had to be done after Magrib. First, the Part-1 method of morning should be repeated in the evening. For Part-2, he gave three eggs. On Day 1, I was to hold the egg in my hand, read out Darood eleven times, Surah Fatihah seven times,then Salaamun Qawlan min Rabbir Raheem 818 times by holding the egg on parts of the body like forehead,mouth,neck,shoulders, chest,stomach,thighs,knees, toes, 100 times on each part as it was divided there was some Arabic words and cross marks written on egg. The egg should be rotated round my body 21 times. Then I was to keep the scribbled paper and rolled paper under my pillow and the egg beside my pillow near my head. The next morning before the sun rose,the egg should be burnt but the scribbled paper and rolled paper should not be burnt. I was told that much bigger noise would come from the egg the more the magic would come out of the egg when broken. This method was to continue for three days for three eggs.

Part 3: This method should be done continuously for seven days. He told us to buy a coconut and cover it with scribbled paper which he gave to us.I was told to hold the coconut and read Salaamun….118 times and place the coconut beside the pillow near my head after the egg part is completed and continued for seven days. On the seventh day, before the sun rose, the coconut should be taken outside the home, on a crossroad and broken on road by which the magic would be broken and I will be able to walk properly and become healthy again. He also gave a Ta’veez that I was supposed to tie after three days of egg method is completed.

I might tell you that I don’t believe in magic and even when magic is done, I can read Surah Naas and last Ayats ofal-Baqarah to break the magic.I was pressurised to do this magic-breaking, but I stopped after three days because I found it weird. I am not boasting about myself, but I get up for Tahajjud prayers each single night. I don’t remember missing any Tahajjud since my teens. I love reading Qur’an and read it everyday after Fajr prayer.


Firstly, you did not write the effect of whatever you practised. We hope your ailment did not get worse. The magic-curer is a hoax. They are always in another city. For Bangalorians, a famous magic-curer is in Hyderabad, and for Hyderabadians he is in Bangalore. They are a pest.

Some of these spell-curers are themselves magicians and cast magic on innocent people to market them as customers. Others know that their cure will not work, but that the victim would be naturally cured and they would take the credit.

Your letter describing the cure is long, boring and weird, but we reproduced it for the information of our readers. Diseases are increasing all around, in every nation because of the destructive ways of the Western and, particularly American ways. May Allah guide them or destroy them. With the appearance of newest and unheard of diseases, hoaxes have popped up making money out of the crisis, adding suffering to the masses. May Allah destroy them too, if they do not repent.

Q. Now, I would like to ask a few questions.Unless my Lord says ‘Kun’ to anything good or bad, nothing can move or change…Then how can any stupid person do some magic and it is effective?


The word “kun” is a “kawni and takhleeqikun.” For the hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second working of the world, some laws have been set which keep the clocks ticking and events happening; except for the humans and Jinn who enjoy some freedom to choose and act. If some of them decide to cheat others, Allah does not break their necks. That will happen in the Hell fire following the Judgment.

Q. Does magic really happen and if yes, then what should be read to break the spell?


Magic too requires lot of hard work to learn and practise. Its education and training are in decline. The masters have died out. What remains is of a low order, is all but ineffective, and rare in between. Most are hoax. Only those must be consulted who treat with the Qur’an and Shari`ah-compliant methods. Before consultation, the doctors must pronounce their judgment that the victim is free of physical and psychological diseases.

Q. Can you please suggest some Duas to get healthy?


We ourselves cannot suggest any Du`ah, but recommend authentic Ruqya books which contain supplications that may be used. One of those Arabic books should be available around you.


Q. People tell me that magical spell was cast on prophet Ayyub(asws),so that he suffered disease for seven years.


That is not correct. He suffered some physical ailment.

Q. Is the pain I am going through because of my mistakes or sins or a test?


That depends on how you take it. If you think it is a test, then, it is test. If you feel that Allah only knows the reason, and I have to remain true to my faith, then, that be it. In either case, you will be hugely rewarded, if you observed patience.

Q. How can one say it is magic?


Either a true, religious and knowledgeable magic curer can say, or you yourself can say, if you are righteous and recite the Qur’an often.
You may also use one of those methods stated in “Ruqyah” books.
As for us, your writing suggest that no spell has been cast on you. Those who said otherwise, they are very likely, sorry to say so, stupid.

Q. Is all that about eggs, coconut, amount to Shirk?


It does not, but you will have to check the writings in the papers.

Q. Please make Du`a for my health?



Your question was not clear, but this what we presume you were saying, and the answer is that your own supplications in your own words would be more efficacious than those of others. So, you may keep seeking Allah’s forgiveness and His special mercy. We might add that charity is one of the most effective means to improve your health.

Q. I am a biology student currently doing PhD at National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, actually a resident of Srinagar, J&K. Until my M.Sc., I studied in Kashmir. As far as my academic record is concerned, I have cracked almost all the exams which are considered to be the toughest in this field, like CSIR-UGC JRF and GATE, and necessary to get admission at some good place. I qualified for PhD at some of the premier research institutes in India (NCBS, IISc). I was very much interested in doing research, particularly studying evolution (because I don’t agree with the Darwinian concept of origin of life). But, at the same time, I have always desired to do some service to my Deen, to be a Da’ee.

However, I decided first to complete my PhD. So, I joined NCBS. But when I came here and became involved into the process, I found it quite different than what I had presumed. Here, people need to work tirelessly day and night like robots. We don’t have time to take care of ourselves, not to talk of performing religious obligations, like praying on time, reciting the Qur’an or reading Islamic books. Moreover, due to huge workload, students, in order to forget their worries and keep going, excessively listen to music, drink alcohol and do certain other heinous things.

Now, I am caught in a dilemma. I feel I cannot become a good Muslim (a Da’ee) and a good researcher at the same time. So, I’m confused and don’t understand what to do. Should I quit my PhD program and start reading Islamic literature, or should I first complete my PhD? Please help me out of this dilemma.

Abrar Bhat,
NCBS, Bangalore. 


Well, we do not see any dilemma. There are times and times in life. At certain times, you have to give your all to the task at hand.At others, the priority changes. PhD program is a tough one. But not so tough for a Muslim. If others drink wine, take drugs or resort to vile sexual acts, a Muslim reads the Qur’an, does some Nafl Prayers, and is fresher than others, more cheerful, and energetic. We know of well-committed Muslims who did two PhDs at a time.

There is no contradiction between science and Islam. The Qur’an is the Speech of Allah, and the world is its manifestation. Science is knowledge of the physical world. The demand of higher courses is to manage the pressure on potentials to blow out of the brain in full force and do well in both the disciplines without nervous breakdown. Suicides by students and researchers are not uncommon in the United States. They are committed by men from various regions: Chinese, Koreans, Asians, etc. But Muslim suicides is conspicuous by its absence. Their faith keeps them on hope and the ideas that Allah’s will prevails and that He rewards the patient – do not lead them to self-harm.

As for service to Islam, a practicing Muslim is a Da`ee by himself, without even uttering a single word. His silence is speech. The glow of faith on his face messages out that this is a man at peace, as against worries and even miseries written on other faces.

With regard to Islamic studies, they cannot wait. Everyday not added to knowledge, is a day lost. It cannot be regained. Regretfully, your studies do not allow you to further your knowledge. This will have to be made up earlier. At the moment, some ten verses of the Qur’an with meaning after Fajr, and a couple of ahadith before sleep would keep your desire to serve Islam aflame.

On the face of it you are absolutely correct. You are two children to your parents. Why there haven’t been more? Well, there could have been several reasons; but economy could have been a driving force. So, why is there a pressure now on your sister to work? Again, economy. Asia has become overwhelmingly materialistic, even more than the West, from where materialism was imported: “Fatten your purse as much as you can,” appears to be the motto, of one and all, life’s desire, and its end.

But, every dollar earned today, by a girl for whom poverty is not the reason for earning, is a piece of bitter cake for tomorrow. The longer years they work, the more bitter the cake will become in old age. For Muslims, it will be a cake that will rotfaster, and will spread the stink greater in the Muslim society.

However, since your parents are committed to the cause, and, it appears more so your sister, you cannot but leave them alone. Further argument will do no more than poisoning the home atmosphere.

Q: Is it advisable for a girl to work away from home? She stays in a PG with girls of other faiths. My father once told me that during theKhilafah of Hazrath Umar (ra),lady guardswere placed in markets.


To say that women were appointed as guards for the markets during the caliphat-time of `Umar is a misrepresentation of facts. You must have got it from such Muslims as who wish to bring women out into the world of markets, offices, and commercial centers, so that the burden on the men, of earning for their women, can be off-loaded. But Muslim women coming out to earn, even if in full Hijab, does not absolve the males of their financial responsibility towards their women. They remain responsible, and are questionable on the Day of Judgment.

If any woman claimed on Judgment-Day that she could not – for instance –study Qur’an and Sunnah because the males of her family (father, brother, etc.) kept her engaged in earning money, she could have the reward of their good deeds transferred to her account. That would be on: “The Day when a man will flee his brother, his wife, his father and his children. Every one of them willhave an affair that will free him (ofobligations to others).”

So, the idea that `Umar had appointed women-guards for the markets is a concoction.However, there happens to be a report to the effect that `Umar (ra) had appointed a woman as a supervisor of the market. Taking it granted that the report is authentic, the step remains surrounded in mystery.

Was `Umar short of manpower? Did he appoint her to assure that the women vendors and customers were not molested, not even in the most restricted sense? Did that lady-guard go about unveiled? Was she a Jew or Christian? Was she in straitened circumstances and so `Umar hired her? Was she a member of moral police force appointed to supervise the Jewish and Christian sections of the market?

To dig out such details is necessary in view of the fact that it was no less than `Umar himself who keenly worked on promulgation from on High for the imposition of Hijab on Muslim women. The question that also arises is why have the Fuqaha’ of all ages not taken the report seriously? Was it a ‘shaaz’ report? Was it an action of very special circumstances, such as that of Umm Warqa, or Ibn `Abbas’ announcement that people could combine their noon and late noon prayers, for no apparent reason such as rains or lack of safety, and which has been rejected by the Ummah?

Thus, it is hard to use the ambiguous report for the purposes of formulating newer laws.

Q. And my father also says working women also help the family monetarily.


That’s the main point, the rest is for cover-up.

Q. I can never agree for his points as he has forgotten about the concept of Barakah. And I believe a working woman can never give full attention to her family and the consequences are very bad. I’m one of the sufferersas my mom is also a working woman.


Your statement about full attention… to the end, does not state all the conditions. It is a general statement which cannot be applied to individual cases. Each case will have to be separately looked into. For instance, a woman might not have a family. Or, there could be in place, a reliable baby-sitting individual or organization.

As regards your own suffering, it appears to be something subjective, or emotional, or over-sensitiveness, etc. The Prophet was himself away from the care of his mother for several years; but which did not have any adverse effect on his personality.

Q. We have been subscribing for your magazine since more than eight years and my father praises the magazine a lot. If I’m right, please convey my message in the light of Quran and Hadith in your Q&A page. I have a lot of respect for my fatherand agree with all his principles except for his opinion on this topic. Please don’t disclose my identity.

On Email


Hopefully this answer leads your father to a re-think.

Q: I have been intrigued for some time after reading your answers to one of the questions about men wearing jewellery. You had stated that men can wear platinum rings. Can you reconfirm this in the light of Hadith and Qur’an as I understood it to be only in the form of silver?


There is neither Qur’anic ayah nor any hadith in this regard. The Fuqaha’ always come to our rescue in such matters. They follow certain agreed upon principles, such principles as do not contradict any Qur’anic ayah or a Sahih statement of the Prophet. And they had an understanding of the two, never since achieved. Then they worked through Ijtihad and Qiyas, to successfully work out new rules.

They are more,or less, unanimous that precious stones are not prohibited to Muslim male or female. Ayah 14 of Surah al-Nahl provides the primary principle, to which a few ahadith add substance. One might see the commentary of Bulugh al-Maram or look into Fatawa Misriyyah.

Q. Also what other jewellery can men wear and made up of what material?


Anything except gold and silver.

Q. I have seen a lot of men wear chains, rings and bracelets made of gold or silver or platinum or copper, or other metals or simply made of threads.


You will see more of those with eunuchs’tendencies as American influence increases.

Q. One other question I have is pertaining to men wearing mehendi on their body either in their palms, nails or other parts of the body as tattoos. Can you clarify whether, or not, this is permitted for men?

Shoaib Farhad,
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These come under the general prohibition contained in strong undesirability for males to adopt female dress, outlook and behaviour.

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