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Q: I am a Muslim guy and I always offer Namaz, but I have no peace in my life. I tried my best but find no change. Sometimes I think more complicated things about Islam which I did not feel good. So please help me so thing I can live good Muslim life… Hope you will help me.

Ishfaq Sheikh,
On Email


We are sorry to note your condition. This fast-spreading condition needs serious attention. We shall try and write on this issue in some detail, but, at the moment, all we can say is that you might not be able to get rid of it fast and good. This is because, heedlessness to God, rejection of Islam by the elitist and educated classes over the world, despite several signs of their false beliefs, thoughts, and opinions, are now coming to them in the form of immediate consequences. Fear, loneliness, uncertainty, and mental listlessness are spreading among them. The masses, on the other hand, suffer various diseases, mental and psychological, as a result of which the least they earn as gross-net is depression. The malady has caught up with Western-minded peoples of the East also. Muslims are also being affected by the diseases is a sign of its strength and invincibility.

It is a good thing that you offer Prayers – though without knowing the meaning, you might fall victim to disenchantment, after, shorter or longer, time (may Allah save you from it). In addition to Prayers, you need to engage yourself with other virtuous activities. Learning the higher and higher goals of Islam is one objective to attempt. Further, there is a need to win your Lord’s approval. The best of ways is to serve His creations, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Muslims first, because a huge plan to ghettoize them is an ongoing and organized scheme. Non-Muslim next, because they, too, sometimes fall victims to the scheme.

Hunger, malnutrition, physical ailments, lack of basic hygienic facilities, etc. are crushing the souls of the victims. You would have noticed during the recent elections, that no party or individual would speak of these issues – although they now affect billions. Some of the parties wish to come to power for no reason but to execute their nefarious plans and grab as much money as possible during the process.

Get close to the slums first, to acquire familiarity with their complex issues, and then choose the issue you will take up. After rituals, there is nothing more effective to gain Allah’s approval than service to His creations.

To get some guidance towards developing your Islamic personality, you may write again to  editor@youngmuslimdigest.com, but mark the communication as ‘Attention: LIGHTHOUSE’.

As for your request to answer you by e-mail, that may not be possible to do. Is it so difficult for you to obtain a printed copy of YMD?

Q: I wanted to ask a couple of questions and would be looking forward to your answer. I heard somewhere that, while in Sujood, the fingers should be close to one another such that there is no space between them.


Hearing somewhere, something is no way to learn rulings. Gossiping with the wrong class of people will fill your mind with scrap.

What you have heard is wrong anyway. Place your hands in sujud as you keep them normally.

Q: Someone said that buying anything at a fixed price is haram. Bargaining should be done.


The fellow who told you that must have been an A-class idiot.

Q: Is buying a degree haraam?

Humair Khan,
On Email


Whoever suggested to you that buying a degree is halaal, must have been a criminal.

Q: Provided below is my question to Islamic Voice, and further below is their response to the same. What is your own advice to me regarding the question and answer?

“We are four couples and have decided to perform Hajj … by a private tour company. We are all in our 60s and are closely related to each other. Now there are two ladies among close relatives who desire to join with us. First among these two is a widow and lives alone. She has no brother and had no offspring. She is economically sound. Since she is among our relatives, she wants to join us. The second lady is living with her husband in a village. Her son stays away from her with his family and does not care for the parents. Her husband is weak and is not in a position to undertake the journey of Hajj. He has permitted his wife to perform Hajj since we are all close relatives and going in a group. Kindly clarify if both these relatives can join our group to perform the Hajj or otherwise.”

Irfan Khan,
On Email


We have not copied the answer given by Islamic Voice because, in Fiqh matters, we take out, and give out, answers retrieved from Fiqh books. In this case, the answer given by the Ahanaf and Hanabilah schools is that Hajj is not an obligation for a woman who cannot be accompanied by a mahram. The age of the woman is of no consequence. A woman is a woman.

Q: I need your help to design a study which I want to do on Muslim population of my area, regarding the basic knowledge about Prophet Muhammed (saws) and the correct reading of the Qur’an, because in the month of Ramadan, during Taraweeeh, I saw that most people in the Masjid are not following the basic right of Qur’an and also no people have a concern over it. So, please do the needful.

Dr. Nadeem P.T.,
On Email


Perhaps, you mean that we work out the Islamic rules and regulations pertaining to the subjects you mention, so that you may take up the task of distributing them. We regret that, at the moment, we are not able to offer you such a service.

Q: In the country, I live in, if I buy a car and make full payment at once, Income Tax people will be after me. They will start harassing me in one way or another. Though I am paying income tax from nearly 25 years, I will be in their radar. My activities will be monitored day and night and I will be made to suffer. I know some people who are suffering from having committed the above mistake. My question is, in order to avoid this problem, can I buy a car by taking a loan from a Bank?

On Email


No leaders of a nation have unvaryingly administered a policy of injustice to a section of their masses, but one day sat down with the victims, negotiating terms of a partition.

However, if the fear is real, then you may borrow from a bank, with an interest-free period of several months (the maximum they can allow you), then, pay back the whole amount in one go, as soon as the time arrives for the bank to charge interest.

Q: I am a reader of YMD and would like to congratulate the team on doing such a noble piece of work of imparting knowledge of our Deen and educating about Islam and its misconceptions. However, I have a bit of a suggestion which I would like to impart as a reader. The questions asked to the editor are most often not answered to the point and a sense of criticism and sarcasm is added which, I suggest, should be avoided, since the people asking the questions are seeking knowledge for getting themselves closer to Allah (swt) and the reply shouldn’t discourage them to educate themselves about Islam. Our speech and our words should attract people towards Islam and not drive them away.

On Email


The criticism is well-meant and innocent. But the picture drawn of the enquirers is not very accurate, especially, of a section of them. Our answers generally follow the spirit and style of the questioners.

As for education, one has to be naïve to believe that his answers, whether in writing or, by way of lectures and talks are educative for everyone. We do not wish to elaborate this further.

As for driving away the people is concerned, the answer is, if a harsh tone will drive them away from Islamic knowledge then, that is a matter of misfortune for them: so much is their love of so-called knowledge they are thirsting for. A harsh word and they fly off. A man brought a piece of ancient bone, crushed it before the Prophet (saws) and asked, “Will Allah bring this back to life?” The Prophet replied, “He will, and put you into Hellfire.”

If some are hurt by what they feel as “not too soft a response,” it is because their pride is hurt. To them, it is not knowledge as important as the manner in which they are addressed. They would like to ask, “Who do you think you are?”

The Prophet met Abu Jahl, perhaps, a little outside Makkah. He warned him of the consequences of disbelief. Abu Jahl replied, “Muhammad, no man more honorable than me has passed between these two hills.”

When prophet Musa was sent to Fir`awn, he was asked to speak to him softly; which he did. But when he experienced the corrupt nature of Fir`awn, who said, “Indeed, I believe, O Musa, you are bewitched,” then, Musa boldly responded in the same tone, “Indeed, I consider you, O Fir`awn, doomed to destruction.” (17: 102) So, there are situations and situations, people and people, styles and styles.

Now, one might immediately jump to the conclusion that we approve of pride or arrogance. Our point is, if people are ready to jump down the cart, because it shakes and vibrates, then, it is because of self-importance. The shaking reveals the identity of the person.

As for not answering to the point, that is because the point is not understood by the reader. If the surrounding details are not attended to, the answer will be in yes and no. But the questioner already knows the yes and no. He would have, very respectfully, (which is most of the time, hypocritical), asked many a maulwi and non-maulwi, but not getting the answer he wanted, he writes to us, or maybe he is not satisfied with the answer. Therefore, a yes or no answer will not do. One must bring out the surrounding details.

Our objective is not to give yes or no answers. We need to attend to side issues which led the questioner to ask the question, and state what will educate him– and not merely inform him. The presence of sarcasm, provocative statements, humorous points, use of a pun, adopting a style suitable to the subject and other such characteristics can also be explained. Enough to say that some enjoy the answers, some are in tears.

In the attitude then, while answering questions, of rudeness, softness, sarcasm, provocation, etc. should be: how to give a mild shock to the reader, so that he opens his eyes, reads with interest and may get educated. If someone jumps the cart, well, that is his choice.

So, don’t be sad!

Q: I have a few doubts which I would like you to answer through the following questions: How do I become a true and real Muslim and not a Muslim by just name/birth?


The Prophet (saws) was asked: ‘Messenger of Allah, tell me about Islam something that I do not have to ask any other after you.’ He answered: ‘Qul Rabbiya Allahu thumma Staqim.’ That is, ‘Say: my Lord is Allah (swt) and then remain committed.”

That is, after testifying to Allah’s Oneness, stay committed to the demands and concomitants of the testimony. This, in turn, would mean to accept and practice all of that is ordered, and stay away from all that is prohibited – doing it all in sincerity and love. And it will apply particularly to Faraa’id, Waajibaat, and the Haraam. However, Islam is not this much alone. It is much more. Keep these verses before you, all your life, every syllable of it:

“They esteem not Allah (swt) with the estimation that is His due. Surely, Allah (swt) is All-powerful, All-mighty.  Allah (swt) chooses messengers from among the angels, and from among men; surely, Allah (swt) is All-hearing, All-seeing. He knows what is before them and what is behind them. And to Allah (swt) return the affairs. Believers! Bow down, prostrate yourselves, worship your Lord, and do good (deeds), happy you will prosper. And strive in Allah (swt), with a striving due to Him. He chose you. And He has not placed in the religion any constriction: the faith of your (fore-)father Ibrahim. He named you Muslims earlier, and in this (Qur’an also); so that the Messenger might be a witness over you and you witnesses over mankind. Therefore, observe the Prayer (assiduously), Pay the Zakah and hold fast to Allah (swt). He is your Guardian, an excellent Guardian and an excellent Helper.” (74-78)

You may say that this is a tall order. The answer is, it is.

Entry into Paradise will not be a cake-walk.

Q: Can you please write an article on what are the signs of Dajjal and what to do when Dajjal arrives?


We do not know when Dajjal will arrive. But some of the signs have appeared, and it is time for believers to repent and pay their best attention to their religion – before hearts are sealed.

We are slated to present a series of ahadith on the topic of ‘Signs of the Last Hour.’ Dajjal would be a part of it. It might start in a couple of months, Allah (swt) willing.

Q: Request: Please don’t publish my name and email address

On Email


It is our practice not to disclose identities of persons writing to us. So, if we give the name, the e-mail address is given incomplete.

Q: Is Bitcoin Halal?

Gulzar Bhat,
On Email


It appears to be a class of speculative business associated with cryptocurrency. The original investment is not likely to return. It is not wise to get involved.

Q: This regarding gaining ilm. I am 27 years of age and I recently found your website. I know it’s a magazine. My life has gone in fulfilling my hedonistic mentality. I have renewed my belief after years of soul-searching and looking for answers about my place in life. I have come to the conclusion that there are three important things in life: you, your family and your community.

As a man unable to multitask with a tendency to learn from experience and exploration, I think firstly, it is important to have a solid base. That would be me looking after myself. Suffering from a serious mental health condition has made me realize this.

I would like to look after myself and gain knowledge about Islam and strengthen myself so I can be an asset to my family and community. What knowledge should I gain to start my journey? That would help me better take care of myself.

Right now I am reading the Qur’an and a book on how to do Salah.

On Email


Without agreeing or disagreeing wholly with your conclusions as above, we might congratulate you for having become conscious of yourself and your goals in life. Your hedonistic life was an inheritance from a society doomed to failure. So, your realization is Allah’s special gift to you that needs a good response as a way of thanking Him.

As for how to go about improving your knowledge, we suggest that firstly you improve your language. In order to be able to appreciate higher-level discourses, you will need a higher-level language. Victorian age novels could be helpful. But do not read any modern literature. They will fill your mind with junk. They are poison.

At the moment, if you can read and understand the life of the Prophet (saws) as written by Ibn Is-haq(died 150 H) and translated by Alfred Guillaume (the full version), then do it.

Please also go through the answer to the above letter.

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