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Niqab and Jihad

Arshiya Begum, via email

I am an MBA student. I have few questions:

Is Naqab necessary, since I am doing my MBA in a co-education system, so is it necessary for all such women who are working?


Islam is a system of faith, ideas and practical guidelines that ensure that humans achieve harmony with the principles and laws that run the universal material, moral, and spiritual systems. If it is followed, it creates harmony between individuals, societies and the material physical world that ensures peace at all fronts. If it is ignored, then whatever else it is replaced with, creates conflict between the new system and the system that runs the universe. In the ensuing conflict, man-made system is the ultimate loser resulting in disharmony in everything that is attempted.

If ignoring the traffic rules can cause immense chaos in the streets, and, ultimately disorganize life of individuals and even nations, then, ignoring Islamic guidelines creates social, moral, and spiritual chaos, except that these are not material products on the road to be visible to one and all. The result is loss of joy, peace, happiness, and increase in psychological disorders such as frustration, tension, depression, paranoid, schizophrenia, and irrational behavior. There can be lots of activities, like lots of cars in a jam, but no peace, happiness and satisfaction out of the activities.

Yes, Niqab is part of the Islamic Hijab. It is equivalent of Jihad on the part of women. Just as in Jihad the ultimate surrender is put to test, Niqab puts women’s surrender to test. Just as Jihad assures defeat of anti-Islamic forces pitched against Islam and the nation of Islam out in the fields, Niqab assures defeat of anti-Islamic forces pitted against the social system of Islam within the towns and cities. Just as Jihad is, as a hadith puts it, the pinnacle of Islam, Niqab is the pinnacle of Islam that is worn by the other half, the females adherents of Islam.

It is not for nothing that the West is pitched against Jihad, Niqab and Hijab. By instinct and experience, Kufr knows who its leading enemies are.

These are a few principal fundamental principles of Islam. Once you realize what it means to you, what it means to be in Jihad, what troubles it promises and the peace it realizes, you will know how to adapt yourself and adopt what you will of Niqab and Hijab while passing through the wide and varying scenarios of daily living. The soldiers of Islam have the forces of Allah by their sides, in front of them, at their rear and hovering above their heads.

How can I as a Muslim woman spread the message of Islam (as you said in your answer ‘nomads’ question)?


Your wearing of Niqab or Hijab, while you also excel in your studies and jobs, is one of the best ways of spreading the message of Islam.

That the Islamic message is of One God, of Muhammad His Messenger, of the Qur’an the Message of Islam, is not a hidden entity in modern times. The message has already reached far and wide. But when the people see failed Muslim lives all around them, whether the field is intellectual, moral or spiritual, then the Message goes behind a smoke screen: Muslims being the smoke. They begin to suspect that there must be something wrong somewhere. Practicing Muslims, who are also well educated and are useful components of community life, thin down the smoke and lend brightness to the Message.

Is closing eyes during dua permitted? And you are doing wonderful job of spreading awareness among young minds, May Allah grant you more success in this (ameen).


Perhaps it is the good wishes of our readers that keeps the YMD going.

As regards closing the eyes, if you feel that it helps in concentration, then, you could do it. But, if you observe yourself, you will notice that if your heart is in the prayers, then your eyes do not see around you, whereas, if the heart is not there with the tongue, then images appear to the closed eyes too.

A Cap on Discrimination

It is very disgusting that a law student from Aligarh Muslim University was detained and barred to enter the courtrooms of the Apex Court during his internship programme because he sported a cap on his head. One wonders that if a man with a big turban and beard can rule the nation, why a common man of another faith, cannot enter the court sporting a cap? This double standard simply shows discrimination against different communities.

Shafaque Alam, New Delhi


If the report is true then it is not only disgusting, but also needing efforts to place a cap on discrimination.

If it was a Jew with his skull-cap, hell would have broken loose. Hillary Clinton would have been sent to wail for restoration of Human Rights, Human Freedom, Freedom to choice of headgear, Treatment of all Individuals with Respect, Freedom to follow one’s religion, and all such slogans, with New York Times writing several editorials to support its lead articles over days and weeks.

Which is Sahih Work?

Which is the most recommended and considered authentic Hadees book? Because there many, like, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Tirmizi, etc. in which I hear some are true and some are false?

Anonymous, (question raised at a camp)


When Shaytan sees one door to misguidance closed, he opens a door through which a man will not suspect that misguidance can come through it. It is the door of piety, holiness, good words, etc.

Whoever said that the Six Books of Ahadith (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Da’ud, Nasa’i, and Ibn Majah) are not trustworthy is misguiding the Muslims by the door of Shaytan identified above.

These six works have been termed as Sihah Sittah by the Ummah throughout the ages. But Shaytan had ever wanted Hadith works to be rejected. He has been attempting it in stages. First, he will cut the common man from some of them, and then, in a later stage from all of them, so that, ultimately, they are left with no Hadith work to consult.

An advantage Shaytan has is the misplacement of knowledge. When common men are told about things beyond their understanding, they fall into Shaytan’s traps more easily.

The true worth of a hadith is not by the Collection in which it is found, or the tag that is attached to it by the Hadith Doctors. Tags are for shutting the mouth of the non-specialist when the specialist sees that the man will not be brought about to the correct point in any other way. So he says, in order to shut the mouth of the non-specialist, “Oh that is a Da`eef hadith,” or, “Oh, that is Mawdu` report.

But the specialists know the true nature of a hadith, even if it is declared Da`eef or Mawdu` by a Hadith Critic. He knows where else the particular hadith is found, how many other chains of narrators it goes with, what who else has said about it, what other ahadith of the same meaning are to be found, how well or badly the hadith in question fits into the general compendium of Hadith, how does it represent a Qur’anic dictum, in word or spirit, and so on. It is not surprising therefore that some of the Hadith scholars respect an outright Mawdu` hadith and Munawi should choose to write one of the finest commentary on Hadith ever in six large volumes, (Sharh Jami` Sagheer), in which he explains the exoteric and esoteric meaning and implications of a hadith, although the compiler himself (Suyuti) classified the particular hadith as Da`eef or even Mawdu`. Munawi knew what exactly the classification was meant to suggest.

A true Muhaddith does not depend on the classifications. He knows the true Hadith by the vibrations he feels in his mind and heart, the resonance it creates with his soul, and the spiritual relationship it has with the Prophet, his life, his tastes, his personality, his morals and manners, his spirit of life. A true Muhaddith may not be a compiler of Hadith, but he knows the hadith as true or false as he hears it; just like a true goldsmith does not wait for a lab test, but can tell you whether the gold is pure or impure by his touch.

For all practical purposes of life, the Sihah Sittah are what the Ummah has called them: Sihah Sittah (the trusted six canonical works). You can read any of them, but must read every one of them. If you also lived by them, you would live the life of Muhammad.

Boycotting Jewish Products and Companies

My question is regarding the use of Jewish products and working in Jewish companies. There have been a few websites and several emails which have come to my attention, suggesting or rather imposing a ban on the use of Jewish owned or Jewish run companies and corporations. The list is quite enormous and certainly very perplexing. The questions are:

1) Is it permissible or advisable to use products belonging to Jewish/Israeli or Jewish/ American companies?

2) Is it permissible or advisable to be working with Jewish companies or Corporations?

Syed Saif Ur Rahman, via email


Using Jewish products, in the present political situation, is though not Haraam, but is almost so. This also applies to working in Jewish companies and organizations.

There are several problems with the present-day Jews. They occupy Arab territories that the UN Security Council has asked them to quit through a resolution in 1967.

In violation of all international laws, they have been evicting Palestinians from lands they have been in possession of since 1500 years, and settling Jews in their place. Some half a million Jews have already been settled over half the Palestinian area of the West bank and further settlement programs continue. Funds are provided by the USA and indirectly by other Western Countries while they offer full backing against any meaningful drive to bring the Zionist State to honor International Law.

Millions of Palestinians have been displaced, rendered into refugees for no fault of theirs. They are denied civilized life. Everything is being done by the Jews to turn them into a labor class to serve the occupiers as menial labor. The Westerners, especially the Right Wing Christians (adherents of “Religion of Love!”) are with the Jews with unlimited moral and material support.

Today’s Jews are the replica of the Nazis, who aim to place the Palestinians in such ghettoes as in which the Europeans placed them up until the Second World War.

Except for some (and not all) of the intellectual class, and the very highly educated ones, the rest of the world is more or less with the Jews, except that they would not like the Jews to go so fast, but rather do it all gradually; so that they could pretend that no Human Right violations take place and no International Law is violated and a new de facto situation of occupation is created.

Although the Jewish State of Israel is a clearly racist Zionist State, a kind of State which the world leaders and communities would reject everywhere else, yet the nations carry on business as usual with the racist State with no remorse and no fear of criticism. They wish not to be told of the Palestinian and Arab sufferings in the Occupied Territories. They wish to ignore them, as if they do not exist, and, if there are any Palestinians, they are few, and terrorists.

Because of the wealth of the Jews, all over the West, especially in USA, the politicians there have become slaves of the Jews, who dare not act against their wishes, from fear of losing in the elections that are heavily financed by the Jews.

The Jewish/Rightwing Christian alliance, the helplessness of the politicians, and the mounting oppression of the Arabs by Israel, have created huge amount of anger, hatred, and frustration among the Arabs in particular and Muslims in general. It is feared that if the USA collapses, much weakening Western Europe, and the Jews lose this umbrella, the welled up anger and hatred will be mercilessly directed at the destruction of the Jews and Jewish State. The Muslim world must warn the West of this, and save humanity from high amount of impeding suffering for one and all, because the peoples of the world are quite closely interlinked now.

The West is no more in control of the world, or in complete control of the political, economic, or military situation, and, therefore, must bow out in respect, rather than kick the pot it cannot drink from.

Various other methods must be adopted to weaken the Jews, because they have lost their sense of balance, have grown into fanatics, and believe (along with Right Wing Christians, and ordinary Christians in general) that the world is at its end, the Messiah is about to appear, and, therefore, any and every suffering by the rest of the humanity is humanly imminent and Divinely justified. These fanatics believe in the removal of hundreds of millions of humans from the face of the earth, and feel that if this will mean sufferings by billions of people because of the destruction that it will cause to the rest, the Messiah will set every thing right. Therefore, what is happening now, and is likely to happen, is just and correct since it follows Divine Plan.

Every means should be adopted to prevent these fanatics from executing their nefarious plans. In the meanwhile, and in this situation, it is almost Haraam for Muslims to deal with the Jews, to interact with them, to work for them, or use their products.


How do explain to people that homos… is a bad thing?

Anonymous, (question asked at a camp)


You can never to those who have fallen into it except by converting them to Islam, whether he is already a Muslim or not.

Islam will do two things to them:

  1. Generate in them fear of God, and,
  2. Give them sense of self-respect.

Solomon's Temple

Will you please shed light on the rumor of Solomon’s Temple?

Anonymous, (question asked at a camp)


We do not understand what rumor you are referring to. In serious circles, no rumor of any sort about Solomon’s Temple is in circulation. However, if you mean the rumor that the Jews intend to demolish the Masjid al-Aqsa, and build a Temple in its place, then, this not a rumor, but a decision taken by some Jews inside Israel as well as some outside it. A model is already in place, and is on display near the Wailing Wall.

The Jews would have long done it but for a few reasons:

  1. Their economic stranglehold of the Western world was never of such order that they could do in the past what they wished without fear of any reaction. (But now that stranglehold resembles that of a python around a victim. They could attempt it anytime).
  2. A second reason why they have not demolished the Masjid Aqsa and begun the construction of their Temple, is religious. The most learned of the Jews believed that the Temple will be rebuilt by the Messiah alone. No one else is authorized to build it.
  3. And a third reason is that the place where the original Temple was built could not be determined. All the frantic digging around and under the Masjid al-Aqsa has yielded not a single clue as to where the original Temple stood. And, it can only be built there, just as the Ka`bah cannot be built but at a particular spot.

Motive not Sex

I am Muslim. I like a girl she also likes me. We both are religious; that’s why we have decided we will not meet. We have started praying to GOD to make our marriage possible. Without parents’ consent we will not take further step. In ISLAM it is said if you like a girl and if you can bear the expenses of that girl then you can marry that girl. I want to know that what we are doing is correct, and trust me: our motive is not sex.

Abdul Kareem Mohammed, via email


It is not difficult to determine whether your motive is sex or not. Do you want to marry the girl? If the answer is “Yes,” then the next question is, “What for?” So, it is all about sex. But what makes it dangerous is that when a man and woman fall in love, all they had in mind is sex, and nothing else. They are completely blind to any and every defect that can be there in each other. It is after marriage and living together that they begin to see the true personalities.

Sex is not all in marriage. Gradually, its role declines and other functions of marriage assume importance.

For example, finance. Is the husband able to earn enough to maintain the family? If not, it will be a great source of irritation, disputes and fights leading separation: even if the woman is the most beautiful in the world. Finance comes first, not beauty of the face.

Second, are the two endowed with moral and religious qualities? If not, again, friction, quarrels and separation, even if there is beauty and enough finance. Beauty and money are not equivalent of moral and religious values. If the lady dresses and makes herself up well when another pair arrives as guest, and she begins to dote upon the other man, the romance evaporates. The husband wants to place restrictions but the wife resists and so, quarrels ensue.

This is an important issue. If the girl has fallen in love with this man, she is quite likely to fall in love with another man a couple of years after marriage; which is what happens in great majority of cases.

A third problem is that the two thought they loved each other. But, after marriage, they discover that it was the powerful sexual drive of early youth and that he or she is really not that lovable. With that realization, friction starts and both start looking outward for alternatives. This is another important factor that is the cause of rising separations in our times.

An important factor in the two remaining together is the state of the two families. If the families are rich, and its members are powerful, they help the two when they are in financial problems, and, put their foot down and tell the pair that separation is just out of the question. They threaten that if they separate, they need not enter their homes. This keeps the marriage going, until the time the two get old – too old for a second marriage – and just hang along together, even if they curse the day they met each other.

But if the families are weak, not so educated, neither rich nor powerful, but rather, there are mischievous elements in the family, bent on separation (which is quite often the case), then the marriage fails faster.

The Prophet has said that when marriageable man and woman are in privy, Shaytan is their third. He places a veil before their eyes. So that, before marriage, each thinks of the other as the most perfect. But, as soon as they are married, Shaytan departs, having done his job. With his departure, each starts seeing the truth of the other. Gradually, the whole personality becomes apparent. This can take short or long time: anything between a few days to a few years. But the disenchantment has to come. Sometimes the disenchantment appears by the next morning of marriage; and the honeymoon starts with bitterness.

You have done a good thing by not meeting the girl. You must grow older, in qualification and experience. You should find a well paying job, meet with the family obligations, and then think of marriage. If the girl waits, good. Otherwise, rest assured, there are millions like her and millions better than her.

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