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Debates on Religion

How will the rule of God survive? We have countless debates on religion, on different views of interpretation of the Law and everything, what is the use of all these debates if your Law isn’t applied anywhere on this globe?

It looks like the Prophet’s message is a dead letter. While the leaguers, the power elite and industrialists are busy plotting to rob the Arabs of their oil, they are not even aware ot it. We have the Committee for the Liberation of Iran determined to overthrow the Islamic regime. What is the use of all this? Why do we have a Law that is so horrifying: cutting off hands for thieving, stoning to death for adultery, and butchering for committing murder? And giving the Liberators a chance to call us the ‘Koran Thumpers’?

Let’s discuss the economic issues. My question to you is, since you claim your Law is the best then why don’t we see it in action? Anywhere? In totality? If God, as you claim, has sent a Law according to which people should live, then where are the people who live by it wholly? Nowhere in the world will you find your Law in action. Then what is the use of it?

On Suicide bombing: do you approve it? What is the Islamic injunction regarding it? If you do approve it, then you are not being honest as a Muslim.

If your excuse is that there is no other better way, let me ask you one question: the whole suicide bombing business has backfired on the Muslims, increasing the animosity towards your religion. Innocent youth brainwashed by your clerics not only destroy their lives but kill and maim innocent civilians. While the maulanas teach & preach about the failures of the western culture and civilization, those same westerners are way ahead in their calculations of the few thousand gallons to secure. If anyone rises against them, posing a threat to their interests, phoo! they go up in smoke. Take Faisal for example. Arabian monarchs are way too dumb to understand what’s happening. Oil companies, western governments, all scheming since the oil reserves were discovered. And the Arabs are nothing. They have no strategies, no plans at all. Their life has been nomadic since ancient times. They are too simple-minded to run countries. It’s not easy. The west is hell-bent on turning Middle East into a democracy, into the liberated. What is the use of this religion if it can’t find solutions? The Arabs are inept in matters of economy. They all have failed economies.

It’s all a big farce and nothing else. And I don’t see the point in that God sent his message and Law and it not being implemented anywhere. Isn’t God the most mighty? And the enormity of this whole revelation business is of such proportion and so much suffering on part of the Prophet? For what? For this?

Shiek Nazare, via email


You have to look deeper into the society you are considering to score correct views. On the larger part of the screen are the rulers, the ruling class, courtiers, bureaucrats, the elites and elitist class, the media owners, the corporate members, the (drug, military, celeb-culture operators, Zionist, and other) mafias.

They are about 20% of the human population. But they are on top, and so in view. This applies generally to all societies, Western or Eastern, but more particularly to the West, and specifically to USA. While a whoppy 18% people are unemployed in the US, 40% of the Senate members are millionaires.

The world of the 20% is the world of a minority, but it is the most visible. The other 80% is not visible because this 20% leads you to believe – by their visibility alone – that the real actors are they, and not the 80%. But in truth, they are not the real actors. They are the manipulators.

This is not an angry exaggerated response. This is the truth of the matter. The motive behind the activities of this 20% is to manipulate. Their job is, primarily, to manipulate everything in a manner that they happen to their advantage. The 80% are the pawns, while the 20% are the players – the manipulators. Their function is to move, use, get into action, squeeze, force out, get the most out – and then suck the best out of the 80%. Give them 50 years (they have had 5000 years), and 80% of all wealth, and the best of it, ends up in their coffers. The rest are mere operators, the footmen, the serfs, the servants – slaves in reality.

The Law that you say “is not applied,” is not the unified law that the 20% would accept. They have two sets of laws: one, the Divine Law (if they follow a religion – any religion), and another, the human Law. The Divine Law, (which is ultimately reduced to moral Law) is for their private lives. The human Law is for public life. The moral Law is for voluntary applications, rewardable if applied, but not enforceable. The human Law is the mandatory, punishable Law (especially if it is one of the 80% which does not apply it). The human Law, which they make in the parliaments, royal and judicial courts and other places, is the Law that serves them to remain within the 20% preferred minority.

If you look at the 20% alone, you will end up asking all those questions that you have asked, and end up having answers that only confuse you.

To obtain a correct vision you have to bring into view 80% of the presently out of view population, and do it 80% of the time to know the truths of the matter.

To get an integrated (the full-blown, full-fledged, all-exhaustive, all-comprehensive, and therefore, a correct) view, you will have to spend a stupendous amount of time and intellectual energy.

Yet, that may not be all. You will have to arm yourself with certain modern disciplines: sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and the like; and then, run your meticulously collected information and data, through a necessary, life-giving, dynamic knowledge known as knowledge of the Revelation, to arrive at correct opinions based on a correct view of the world.

The Islamic Law, for example, which you complain “is not applied anywhere on the globe,” is not applied by the 20% of the people who are in your view. But 80% of the common people, who are not in your view, do apply the Law, to the best of their ability, although they are greatly fettered by the other, the human Law formulated by the 20%.

As for the terms, liberation, democracy, freedom, free trade, et al, of your reference, they are slogans used by the West, behind which lies a truth that is naked to the 20%, but concealed for the 80%. The hidden truth is: control of foreign resources, exploitation of its cheap labor, de-empowering of local nationalistic forces, sub-contract of major projects to the multinational companies, destruction of internal organizations that aim to develop the local institutions and human power, and to accomplish these, overthrow of a regime that does not co-operate, which is dangerously nationalistic, which endeavors to preserve and utilize national wealth for the welfare of its indigenous people, and develop them to guard their freedom from imperialistic powers and modern versions of colonialism by learning to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. The terms you have cited are mere slogans to justify their actions in resource-rich countries.

Are the suicide bombings that you speak of always the work of suiciders? Why should anyone blow himself up into pieces? Was it really a suicide bomber? Was he an operative who did not know that having reached a certain point with his vehicle would mean the switching on from a remote place; that the usual daily delivery of material was this time not the usual material? Or, was he really the one who blew up, or one of the victims? If the answer to these and a number of such questions is in the negative, then the question that arises is why have so many people suddenly begun to blow themselves up? Have their family and children been blown up by a drone? Have they seen their dear ones tortured to death? Are they the fugitives who broke away from the ranks and are sure that if they are picked up, they will never see the sky again? Who are they? These are questions that you will have to seek answers to from those who have begun to suspect that the truth could be different from what the corporate media is handed down by the authorities.

Beyond repetition of the propaganda material supplied by the media, such as, the clerics and mawlanas are polluting the minds of the youth and encouraging them to violence, you need to “discover” those clerics and mawlanas? Who are they? Where are they? Is there anyone whose sermons inciting to violence are documented? Is there anyone whose speeches are on record? Is there anyone whose teachings have been taped? Obviously, to target young men whom they wish to pervert, they need years of preparation. To hypnotize thousands of young men, in several parts of the globe, you need hundreds of these clerics and mawlanas. Today, when every talented or half-talented individual is followed by the local and non-local secret service agencies, can these hundreds of fanatics remain hidden? Where are they? To get answers to these questions, you do not have to listen to the sermons of the mawlanas. Poor souls, they have no idea of the forces behind the scenes. You have to get the answers from the intellectuals of the Western countries. They are more scared than the mawlanas, but much better informed. They have begun to see signs of repetition of what happened in France, Italy, Germany, and several other countries, not much back in time. All those old forces are there, socio-economic conditions are there, runaway military budgets are there, totalitarian tendencies are visible, and the political situation is ripe. Now it is a matter of time, unless those who understand warn the 20% of the consequences of their doings, and prevent them from the plunge which will be all the more hurtful because of the heights at which they are now.

Your questions such as what is God doing all this time? Why does He not act, despite His Al-mightiness? etc., betray your lack of understanding of the functions of man and God. God has not created the humans to destroy them. He is not there to annihilate every dissenter. He does not wreck every evil plan of the humans. He has placed them on the earth, given them reason and logic, sent His Messengers, and opened the gates of Mercy: behave righteously and move into Paradise.

For accounting of man’s actions He has appointed an Hour. Until that Hour, man is free. Let him act, as he wishes: the 20% as well as the 80%; except that He intervenes and does not allow all evil planned by man to take effect. Much of it He prevents. But, if He began to intervene everywhere, men will be reduced to robots.

This freedom of action also places those who think they are better guided, on trial. Will they act and restrain each other, or will they take an armchair, a cup of tea, and criticize?

Finally, you say that the Prophet is in pain at what is happening in the Islamic world. Well, if you believe that if he is being informed, he would be in pain, you might have some justification. But if you believe that he is “present” and “watching”, then you are incorrect. He is not All-seeing. It is Allah who is All-seeing, All-knowledgeable, and All-aware.

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