Mirrored Reflections


Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She wrapped herself in a warm quilt and turned off the TV. “How could he treat his wheelchair-bound father so pitilessly?” several questions raced through her mind.”

She decided not to watch the hurtful real life programs ever.

The clock was striking half past three.

The thirst was irritating her but the trepidation of taking out refrigerated water from the last room at midnight refrained her from doing so.

She resolved to have a few sips from grandma’s so-called antique, weird (she thought that way) water-bottle. She tiptoed to grandma’s room. Walking slowly just like a snail, her both hands were spread horizontally. It seemed like she was walking in a graveyard surrounded from all sides by scary and horrible demons in a deep slumber.

As she approached the water bottle, “Istha…t y…ou, Pari?” grandma’s weak and broken voice emerged.

Pari held her breath. “P…A…RI, ple…ase, I want w…a…ter,”grandma’s voice was trembling.

“Oh, my Gosh! Not again! Go to sleep, grandma! I can’t help to make you sit up right now,” she thought with a sigh of anger.

“P…A…RI, are you…?” the innocent voice of OLD disappeared. Pari grabbed a bottle, drank a few sips and smiled on her fruitful victory.

Pari woke up due to moans and cries. Grandmother was no more.

She stood still and speechless. She didn’t utter a word nor did she weep. She locked herself into her room and came near a real ANTIQUE MIRROR.

Seeing her blurred reflection with blood-shot eyes, she was shocked. It wasn’t her reflection. The look in her own eyes made her blood run cold. It was the image of that heartless and cruel man who denied a glass of water to his wheelchair-bound father who was at the doorstep of DEATH!

We often do things that seem to be despicable for us when we see other people doing it. We can’t even imagine acting like that. But when it comes to us, we forget every bit of it and do as we like.

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