Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’s Many Firsts


In August 2012, the UK Mail columnist David Hording wrote of the new Egyptian President, Mohammed Mursi, thus: “He may be an ‘ordinary man’ but Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi has just done an extraordinary thing. His purging of the army’s leadership has prompted fears that the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he was a leading member, is about to go to war again with the country’s military. It could be even worse than that – they might about to become best friends; and in the process they would forge an alliance between politically powerful Islamists and bloated powerful military.” Three month’s later, Hording’s apprehensions seem now to have been very valid observations. Presented hereunder is a list of other compelling factors as to why Mursi must be taken as the first serious Arab leader in a long time.

At the Egyptian Level, Mursi is the:

  • First elected President

  • First civilian President

  • First bearded President

  • First President whose motorcade does not disrupt the traffic.

  • First President to allow the appearance of Muslim female broadcaster in veil on State-run TV, which was banned for last 52 years.

  • First President whose son scored less than 90% marks in secondary school results. (Sons of all previous presidents always scored more than 90%).

       At the General Arab level, Mursi is the:

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