The Key to Happiness

Is happiness a feeling that dwells within or is it to be sought outside our being? What has our potential and talent got to do with this long sought after need? NUSAIBA RISHA makes a personal statement in the short article presented hereunder.

Why are we constantly driven by the urge to please others rather than ourselves? We allow ourselves to be bound to the pressures of society rather than free ourselves to being who we really are? The only way of achieving ultimate happiness in this world is by achieving the highest sense of self respect and self worth. When we believe in our own strengths and accept our shortcomings alike, we are truly invincible to all the negativity of the world.

The insatiable hunger for acceptance dwells within us all, we try to better ourselves in order to be accepted by our peers. Sometimes we get so caught up in this urge for acceptance that some way along the line we lose our true identity.

We allow other people to be the critics of our life rather than realizing our own potentials and capabilities. I believe that in order to be happy, we must always surround ourselves with people who make us happy. If someone brings negativity into our lives we must know better than to let them in.

We are a constantly evolving and advancing species with an important role of emotions in our life. We tend to adapt and mould ourselves to the emotions and perspectives that radiate the most around us. Hence it becomes increasingly important for us to surround ourselves with people who preach positivity.

People give in too easily to the hurdles that we come across in life, it can be as simple as the troubles of a teen or as intense as the problems that overcome us later. I believe that the best form of assurance is to always look at the bigger picture. We live in a world comprised of innumerable cities and we are a mere living speck of mass when compared to the entire galaxy.

The problems we are facing today will seem meager as compared to the ones we will have to overcome in the future. In our constant mundane struggles, we forget to appreciate and admire the beauty of life around us. We must always remember that there is a force out there which is much bigger than each one of us, who helps and listens to us through all our struggles.

Never take anything in this world for granted. Appreciate and love the people who love you and even if some of them don’t, love them the same. Everyone is fighting some sort of a battle, so even if you bring in an ounce of happiness in their lives, you might just contribute to the growth of another happy soul in this world.

Feel good; do good; be good.

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