Flashes from the Muslim World


Eco-Friendly Homes in Rohingya Camps

Bangladeshi scientists have introduced eco-friendly housing for Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar using a new durable material developed in a project financed by the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank. Bangladesh hosts more than 1.1 million Rohingya who fled neighboring Myanmar during a military crackdown in 2017. The construction of sustainable housing based on Jutin – a combination of jute fiber and resin has been spearheaded in Cox’s Bazar by the Dhaka-based ICDBRB. Jutin was invented by Bangladeshi scientist, Dr. Mubarak Ahmed Khan, who patented the material in 2008. Jutin is mainly a housing material which can be used instead of wood. It is four times stronger than tin.


Tokyo’s Otsuka Masjid helps People

Japanese, Palestinians, Pakistanis, Indians and Sri Lankan Muslim volunteers gathered in Tokyo’s Otsuka Mosque this last Ramadan to prepare free Iftar meals for hundreds of Japanese who have been impacted by economic difficulties. Within hours, Biryani, a chicken-and-rice dish, prepared by Indian and Pakistani cooks, was packed into containers ready for distribution in and around Ikebukuro Park. Within just 30 minutes, the packed meals had been distributed.


Makkah is a World Heritage Treasure

While staying in Makkah, pilgrims get to know the most important archaeological sites, especially during Ramadan, which provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy the rich history of this holy city.

Designated buses with tour guides visit the historical sites in Makkah, boosting the cultural importance of these areas and enriching pilgrims’ experience.

Among the most important historical sites are Jabal al-Noor in northeastern Makkah, Hira Cave, Mount Thawr in southern Makkah, and the holy sites of the pilgrimage rituals. Makkah is a world heritage treasure with huge tourist potential. It is also one of the most important tourist cities worldwide and an attraction in the Islamic world. Makkah represents the religious face of Muslims worldwide and includes the Grand Mosque, the Ka’aba, the Black Stone, the Safa and Marwa Hills, and the Zamzam spring.

Moroccan Wins Prestigious Saudi Qur’an Contest

Moroccan, Younes Mustafa Gharbi, recited his way to first place and bagged SR5 million (USD1.33 million) in prize money during the final of Saudi Arabia’s premier Qur’an contest recently in Riyadh. Britain’s Mohammed Ayoub Asif, came second, winning SR 2 million.

Bahrain’s Mohammed Mujahid secured third spot, taking home SR 1 million, while Iran’s Sayed Jassem Mousavi was fourth and received SR500,000. In the Azan (Call to Prayer) competition, Turkey’s Muhsin Kara and Albijan Celik secured first and second places, winning SR 2 million and SR 1 million respectively.

The prestigious competition is notable for its precise judging criteria, with a set of distinguished jurors. The thirteen-member judging panel included Muezzins from the Two Holy Mosques, key Qur’an reciters from around the globe, and famous international competition assessors.


Demand for Qidra Increases during Ramadan

A dozen men are standing and waiting at the door of Khalil al-Rahman bakery, a famous shop that sells Qidra in Hebron, to receive their perfectly prepared traditional, delectable dish. Qidra is the most important meal of the feast served to friends and relatives at all important occasions.

Qidra is present at weddings, Ramadan and other special occasions. It is one of the most important and oldest traditional dishes from Hebron that has been passed down from one generation to another.


Frankfurt Mosque Extends Ramadan Charity

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, millions have fled the country, many of them from the Middle East. A mosque in the German city of Frankfurt is doing what it can to provide them with a happy Ramadan. Abu Bakr mosque lies in the Hausen quarter, and is one of about 50 mosques in Frankfurt.

Since it was built and inaugurated in 2007, it has seen several crises. Since the outbreak of the war, more than five million refugees have left Ukraine, with more than 360,000 coming to Germany.

Many of those are from the Middle East and North Africa as Ukraine has a community of tens of thousands from the region. The Mosque’s administrator strives to provide them with whatever is possible so they can have a happier Ramadan – just as every year. The kitchen staff of the mosque prepare and cook meals for those in need.


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