The Day the Black Bull Died!

So I was wrong. They did it. They gave this Ummah a sacrifice on the day of Eid-ul-Adha. What an unforgettable Eid!! A human sacrifice. Not a sheep or goat. What a message!! Wow!! What a powerful message that I am sure has shaken all the thrones of the puppets who are watching the events. Poor puppets!!

Saddam Hussain, they say, is dead. Hanged today about 40 minutes ago (as I write). The news reporting below is one good example of the pimp-press in full swing. I have copied one line from there to show you why I call it the pimp-press. If anyone who is not suffering from amnesia can recall, ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was a phrase coined by American foreign policy experts to lie to their own nation and the world and justify their invasion of Iraq. Then their lie was exposed but by then their objective of looting Iraq’s oil had also been accomplished. They had control of the oil fields. And in the process a few hundred thousand Iraqis died at the hands of Americans; well that is inevitable – collateral damage. As they say, Weapons of Mass Deception – which, of course, the pimp-press is responsible for and continues to perpetrate on the world.

“Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction proved a bluff to keep the Iranians, the Syrians, the Israelis, and the Americans at bay. The September 11 terror attack on the U.S. focused attention on Saddam as a sponsor of terrorism. His refusal to meet U.N. demands for full disclosure of his illegal weapons program provided a justification for war.”

As I said in an earlier post, death is not the ‘item’ in the news. It is the death of the myth of American justice and freedom. So now we can all breathe freely as we see the true nature of the animal before us. Even those who continued to insist on living in doubt can deny it no longer. But watch out!! This news item and a million like it, floating on the net or shouting themselves hoarse on the TV are all focused on trying to make you and me distracted from the reality of what we are seeing here. So they talk about how brutal Saddam was and how many people he killed and how he ‘started’ the Iraq-Iran war.

The issue, of course, is none of those things. If these were, in fact, issues, then we would see Bush and all his cronies and most of their puppets sitting on thrones in their gilded prisons, swinging from the gallows long before Saddam came anywhere near them. The issue is America’s right to invade a sovereign nation. Any country’s right to invade and occupy another sovereign nation and loot its wealth. That is the issue.

Are we, the people of the world saying that it is the right of America or anyone with the power to do so, to take by force what they want from whoever they want?

Are we, the people of the world, saying that it is the right of the rapist to rape?

Are we, the people of the world, saying that it is the right of the bandit or the highway robber to hold you up and take from you what he wishes by force?

Because in my opinion, by remaining silent, that is exactly what we will be saying. You decide what you want to do. I have already made my decision as you can see.

The pimp-press, and all those who it serves, want you and me to forget these issues. And they believe that if they make enough noise, we will. Remember, O People! The name of the animal is Empire. And you and I have a choice. Sell your soul and bow your head in submission to the King. Or raise your head and it will be cut off. It’s as simple as that.

Freedom is as it will be defined for you.

Justice is as will be given to you.

Democracy is as is approved for you.

If you elect Hamas as your party of choice, that is not democracy. It will be sabotaged and ever willing pimps will be put in the place of the people you really wanted. If you have any sense, you will see the writing on the wall and next time around you will elect Abbas. If not, the Empire has unlimited power, money and people to enforce its will. All that will happen is that a 100 of you will die for every American soldier who comes to enforce the will of the Empire. That is a price that the Empire can and will extract. After all it did not get to where it is today by being made of sugar candy, did it?

Resources are for those who can take them and use them. Where they happen to be located is immaterial. Their owners are still the same. Those who come in the way because they happen to be located physically on those resources have a choice; move away quietly and maybe you will even be paid something. If not, you will be moved by force…not sideways…but six feet below. Now even the dumbest in the world should be able to understand that, no??

But no!!

There are those who are dumber than the dumb.

They are those who believe in their right to determine how they will live, by what code.

They are those who believe that it is their right to live by their laws in their lands without apology to anyone.

They are those who believe in their right to choose who will lead them.

They are those who believe that foreigners can’t dictate to them, who they should elect to their councils.

They are those who believe in their right to use what they own, to sell it to who they want, in whatever currency they choose to sell and at whatever price.

They are those who believe that it is the right of the owner of a property to decide to sell or not and at what price.

They believe that the buyer can’t dictate those terms to them.

They are those who believe that all humans are equal irrespective of race, color or religion.

They believe that a lack of melanin in the skin is not a sign of human superiority just as a surfeit of it is not.

They believe that if this life is to be lived, then it must be lived with honor.

They believe that a death with honor is far more preferable than a life without honor.

They believe that enslavement is in the mind. And that until they accept in their minds and hearts that they are slaves, they cannot be enslaved. And such people will never be enslaved. No matter how many they kill.

What they don’t understand is that every head that is cut off to terrorize only strengthens the resolve that injustice must be removed from the face of the earth. And whatever price is to be paid, is worth the result. The plant of justice is fertilized by the blood of martyrs.

As I write this post, I am reminded of the Arabic legend of the White Bull: At-Thawr il-Abyadh

Once upon a time, three bulls lived in the forest. One white, one brown and one black. They were brothers and lived together in harmony. In that forest also lived a tiger who had his eye on the bulls. But every time he attacked one of them, the others came to his aid and together they drove the tiger away.

The tiger decided that he needed to change his strategy. So one day when the Black Bull was away, he went to the other two and said, “You know, the Black Bull is black and dirty and evil. Why do you keep him with you? His presence is a disgrace to you. You are beautiful and noble. If the Black Bull is no longer there, you will have all the grazing to yourself. He takes away your food and adds no value to you.”

The two bulls listened to the tiger’s spiel and said, “Well, you know, he is our brother. What can we do?”

“You need not do anything at all,” said the tiger. “I am your friend. I will do what needs to be done. Just don’t come to the aid of the Black Bull when he calls you.” The others agreed.

The next day, they heard the voice of the Black Bull calling for help in anguish and fear. They listened to him and went back to their grazing. Gradually, the calls stopped. The two brothers could not look each other in the eye but then, nice green grass wipes away memories and after a little while it was as if the Black Bull never existed.

Then one day the tiger came to the White Bull when he was alone and said, “So are you happy with the advise I gave you? Didn’t I advise you well? Now here is another advise. You are the real king of the forest. You are White and clean and pure and holy and beautiful. You are wise and good. You deserve to live in solitary splendor like a king. Not with some dirty brown trash who you have to share your food with. Why do you need him? He is a liability and an embarrassment to you.”

“Well, what should I do?”

“You know the score. Nothing at all. I am there to take care of everything for you. Just relax.”

Next day, the White Bull heard the dying screams of the Brown Bull and closed his ears and went back to his grazing.

The White Bull lived for a few days all by himself, grazing where he wanted and drinking from the clean streams of the forest. Then, one morning, the tiger came again. From the look in his eyes, the White Bull knew that this visit was different. All his life flashed before his eyes. He recalled the time when the three brothers stood together, shoulder to shoulder. Then he recalled all the incidents since then.

As the tiger sat before him, not in any hurry, knowing that the result was predetermined, the White Bull said to him, “I have one last wish. Will you grant it to me?”

“Anything at all, my friend,” said the tiger.

The White Bull then climbed a hill and when he got to the top of it, he called out to the people of the forest, “O People! I do not die today. I died the day the Black Bull died.”

I say to you: “O! People, wake up and mourn. Wallahi! The Black Bull died today!”

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