The Best of Ibadah

The best of Ibadah,
Is the Shahadah,
Manifested in, Salah on time,
Paying Zakah, even if a dime,
As well as observing fasting,
And Hajj, if possible, that’s tasking.

Our Ibadah cannot be strong,
As long as we do wrong
Ourselves in not believing
In Allah as the Supreme Being,
And in His Angels, His Revelations,
His Messengers sent to all nations,

As well as in the Last Day,
And the Belief in the Judgment Day,
Followed by the Divine Decree,
Of Hell, and of Heaven to be free.
Goodness towards parents,
Brings rewards in torrents,

As it is second to nothing,
But the one thing—
That is the obligatory prayer.
Then, in the Way of the Preserver,
There is striving, if you are truly believing,
With all that you have even if an inkling.

Because finally,
And you can really,
At least be a bird,
For the size of a mustard
Of Faith, to dwell in Garden,
And sing His Compassion.

Because His Mercy prevails
Over His Anger, and hails
He, whomsoever
Is a sincere believer,
With the best of character
And with much forgiving factor.

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