The Honeymoon Night

The average life expectancy around the globe for the human nowadays is around 60. For most humans most of the time of these 60 years is passed in mundane, routine activity; eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, working, sitting in front of the TV etc. So on the whole life is pretty routine for most of us. There are moments however in the life of most people which are more interesting than others and often these remain in our memories as long as our memories stay intact.

Some of these memorable moments are: our first day in school, our entry into adolescence, our first day in university, our graduation from university, our first day at work, our first pay packet, our marriage night, the birth of our first child, the death of a loved one etc. Out of these the most enjoyable one for most people is the first night of marriage. Every young man probably looks forward to that night and usually the events of that day and night remain locked within his memory forever.

Let us take you on a trip. Imagine it is your honeymoon night and you are enjoying the night. Let us imagine that in the middle of the night the phone rings and it is a colleague of yours, he tells you that there is very urgent work which needs doing and your help is required immediately. What would you do? Many of us would refuse outright and put the phone down. A lot of us would beg and plead with the colleague to give us at least until the morning. A tiny minority of us may actually explain to our newly wed wife that we have to go and leave. It depends on the nature of a person. What can be said is that it has to be a very strong willed person to depart for the call of duty from such a situation.

Well there is a very interesting incident involving a very determined young man in such a situation. The chap was on his honeymoon night when he received a call from his supervisor that all available men were required to come immediately to confront an enemy fast approaching their town. The young man got up, got dressed, and left the warm embraces of his bride. He didn’t have time for ghusl (major ablution required for a Muslim after he has been to his wife), and left to confront the rival army.

During the ferocious battle the young man fought like a true warrior inflicting much damage against the opposition. The young man was so courageous that he didn’t care about the numbers of enemy soldiers he took on. Eventually he himself was killed. After the battle had ended his body was being carried away by some of his companions. They noticed a strange sight never witnessed before. They saw water dripping from the body of the young man, without any rhyme or reason. There was no rain and the little sweat that there was had dried up a long time ago. There was no conceivable reason for the water to be dripping in quite large drops from his body. It was a frightening sight which they could not understand. They had to ask their teacher. But first they had to bury the young man. After that they went to their leader, they told him about the dripping water from the body of the young man.

‘Oh that,’ their leader said, ‘that was angels washing the young man.’

The companions were nonplussed.

‘Why were the angels washing him?’ they wondered, for they were unaware of the circumstances of the young man. They had no idea that he had joined them from the embraces of his bride on the first night.

‘You see Allah almighty doesn’t allow a person in a state of a janabah (major impurity after one has had sexual relations) to enter heaven, so He ordered the angels to give ghusl to this young man before he could enter it.’

“There are men who are not distracted from the remembrance of Allah by trade (or other worldly pleasures) they are firm in prayers and give to the poor; they fear a day when hearts and eyeballs will be overturned.” (The Qur’an, Surah An-Nur: 37)

Now they understood.

That is what we call real submission or Islam.

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