They & We

 They spent money for Islam;
We make money from Islam.

They brought others into the Ummah;
We send Muslims out of the Ummah.

Their leaders were the best of them;
Our leaders are the worst of us.

They measured Net Worth in character;
We measure Net Worth in money.

They were known for their courage;
We are known for our cowardice.

They stood up to kings for the sake of Allah;
We stand up to Allah for the sake of kings.

They honored their teachers;
We abuse our teachers.

They competed in obedience;
We compete in disobedience.

The Malaika knew them;
The Shayateen know us.

The Malaika recognized their voices raised in praising Allah and dua;
The Shayateen recognize our voices raised in Rap and Beat Boxing.

Their criterion for the Dunya was Islam;
Our criterion for Islam is the Dunya.

They were proud of their Islam;
We are ashamed of our Islam.

Following Islam honored them;
Leaving Islam dishonored us.

They showed the way to the world;
We don’t even know that we are lost.

They were the Sahaba of Rasoolullah (SAS);
We are those about whom Rasoolullah (SAS) will complain.

(May Allah save us from that!)

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