‘Sound Social Awareness a Must for Consolidating the Results of Mass Movements in the Arab World’

Speaking at a recent event in Bangalore, Dr. K. T. Jaleel – a member of the Kerala legislative assembly – expressed the opinion that a general maturing of social consciousness will prove critical for any meaningful progress of popular movements in the Arab world. He also added that a unity that cuts across the confines of religion, caste and creed will be vital to this cause.

Dr. K. T. Jaleel was inaugurating the regional seminar on the topic, ‘The Arab Spring and Global Mass Movements,’ organized by the Keralite wing of the Jamat-e-Islami (JIH) in Bangalore on 21st January 2012. What needs to be taken stock of, he cautioned, is the fact that there are mass movements carefully fermented by the US through its external agencies as there are genuine popular movements that come into being on their own.

In his address, Jaleel also argued that the Islamic hue within such genuine movements is but a natural characteristic of revolutions in the Arab world, and that religion had played a significant role even in India’s own struggle for independence.

O. Abdurehman, the Chief Editor of Madhyamam daily, who delivered the key-note address, made the important remark that no nation can bring about a revolution by foregoing its culture and tradition. To him, the social transformation brought on by the Jasmine Revolution is as historic as it is decisive. However, he also warned that imperialistic forces would try and undermine the revolution, and that care should be taken against such conspiracies. Abdurehman also remarked that in our own country, where freedom is often curtailed and controlled, the time for humanitarian mass movements has now truly arrived.

Others who spoke at the event included Bhasurendra Babu, a news program anchor from Kairali TV, the Malayalam TV Channel, and C. Dawood, Media Secretary for Jamat-e-Islami (Kerala).

While Rishad Muhammad, the program convener, gave the welcome address, Shahir, Bangalore area-organizer for JIH-Kerala, presided over the function.

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