Social Organizations and Activists Launch a Movement against Communal Forces: ‘Sach Ka Safar’

The Sach ka Safar movement introduces a miscall number by the hands of Dr. Bhalchandar Mungekar to simplify the joining process.


umbai:Sach Ka Safar,’ a campaign to counter the communal and divisive forces in India launched a miscall number – 8407900090 – to make it easier for those who want to volunteer for the campaign. The number was launched by Ex-Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, Mr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, who is a sitting Rajya Sabha member.

Mr. Mungekar, in his speech, said: “Defeating the communal forces to save the unity of India has become utmost important and every one of us has a role to play. This miscall number would make it easier for anyone who wants to support the pious campaign.”

He further said that it was the need of the hour to stand and raise our voice against all divisive and fascist forces in order to save democracy. Earlier, on Thursday, 6th March 2014, eminent activists, academics, artists, writers, professionals and social workers came together to launch a movement called Sach Ka Safar for secularism and democracy.

The campaign was launched in the presence of eminent social activists and writers including Tushar Ghandi, Shabnam Hashmi and Maulana Mustaqeem Azmi. On the occasion, Tushar Gandhi, Founder-President of Mahatma Gandhi Foundation said:

“Looking at the current political scenario, our democracy definitely seems to be in danger. All of us need to unite and raise our voices against all communal, fascist and authoritarian forces. The pride and respect of our great nation is at stake. We have to save the country’s honor and not allow it to go into the wrong hands.

Mr. Gandhi further appealed to the people to shore up the campaign by playing their individual roles in defeating the communal forces. Another eminent social activist, Shabnam Hashmi, in her speech, advised people to remain ‘uninfluenced’ by the false media propaganda. She stated that:

“In the arena of politics, truth is the greatest victim and the communal classes have always resorted to lies, false propaganda and subterfuge to maintain their vote banks. The print media, the electronic media and even the social media are controlled by their agents who make every attempt to prevent the common man from finding the truth. However, we, as the people of this great country, India, should stand firm to defend the secular and democratic values of this country.”

Shabnam further appealed to the people to unite and save democracy.

“In times of crisis this society has always stood up and saved India. We are, once again, facing an unprecedented political turmoil therefore, there is a need to rise and defend democracy. We will have to stop people who are creating communal divide for petty political gain,” added Shabnam.


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