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Among the major publications of IQRA Publications is the popular Islamic monthly in English, the Young Muslim Digest, arguably among the foremost in this type of publishing in India. This magazine is being brought out regularly by IQRA Publications since the past 36 years.

The magazine carries authentic Islamic material for the Western-educated and/or West-influenced youth, presented in a creative manner, while yet highlighting the beliefs of the earliest predecessors and an understanding of the Qur’an and Sunnah on the pattern of the great majority of Islamic scholars of the past, and of those prominent down to the present age. In view of the authentic nature of its contents, the magazine has been awarded license for distribution in Saudi Arabia.

Besides the regular, monthly, production of the Young Muslim Digest, IQRA Publications has quite a few other Islamic titles to its credit. Each one of these books offer authentic material and cover topics that are not normally covered by other publishers. It is, perhaps, for this reason that they are popular even outside the country. Malaysia, for instance, imports many of IQRA’s titles regularly.

About YMD

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