Three Reasons not to Fear Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is not something to be taken lightly. The pandemic has threatened our fragile sense of safety, evoked our strongest emotions, restricted our daily activities, and some people are afraid of even speaking to others face-to-face.

5G Cell Phone Radiation: Note of Caution

The use of the Earth orbits and the stratosphere to beam 5G down to Earth, puts the ionosphere and the entire planet at risk.

A Free Clinic Movement for the Underprivileged in America

Groups of Muslim doctors across America have been instrumental in opening up free health centres.

Moroccan Woman’s Center for Cancer Patients

A 72-year-old Moroccan widow turns her home into a shelter for cancer patients.

African Swine Fever Closes in on Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam and Neighboring Countries Scramble to Prevent Contagion

More than half of China’s pigs are raised in unhygienic backyards that are virtually impossible to regulate. Many pigs are also fed kitchen… more »

Regular Fast Food Eating Linked to Fertility

Women who regularly eat fast food and not enough fruit are more likely to struggle to conceive, a study suggests.

Sperm Count among Western Men have Halved in the Last 40 Years – Study

Reasons for the ‘shocking’ drop in Sperm count among Western men are unclear, say researchers, and represent a huge and neglected area of public health.

How your thoughts Change your Brain, Cells, and Genes

We have much more power than ever believed to influence our physical and mental realities.

The Impacts of Genetic Engineering Exposed

Review of ‘Altered Genes, Twisted Truth’, a new Book by US Public Interest Lawyer Steve Druker

Startling Statistics on American Children Suffering from Mental Illnesses

Up to 20% of children in the US suffer from a mental disorder, and the number has been rising for more than a decade, according to USCDCP.

The Health Risks in Sweeteners

The food industry relies on alternatives to sugar for a vast range of diet foods. But are they safe to consume?

Nine Strategies to Sharpen Your Memory

Wish your powers of recall were as powerful as this elephant’s? Here are nine mind-sharpening strategies that can help.

The First Food of This World: Mother’s Milk

Every factor to facilitate the baby’s adaptation to a new life has been put into effect. The clearest example of this is the formation of Mother’s Milk.

Modern Lifestyles Fuel Higher than Average Cancer Rate for Women

More than one in five British women is classified as obese, with research showing they are almost 50 per cent more likely to die from breast cancer than women carrying fewer pounds.

Change Your Life Style through Nutrition and Exercise

Food management is important not just when it comes to checking weight, it can also improve your ability to relax and cope with stress. Certain food and drinks act as quite powerful stimulants to the body and

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