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The Iqra Welfare Trust (IWT) is a prominent socio-cultural organization that operates from Bangalore, India. An organization of committed Muslim philanthropists, the IWT has been functioning successfully over the last three decades since its inception. Amongst other lofty aims, the organization’s foremost objective lies in the correct presentation of Islam before the educated, west-influenced, sections of the Muslim community, both among the youth and the elderly.

Its important activities in this direction include the publishing of authentic Islamic literature through IQRA Publications, a subsidiary publishing unit of the organization, and the training/ grooming of future scholars on Islam through the Institute of Higher Learning – another concern of the IWT dedicated to the cause of promoting Islamic scholarship. All these labours notwithstanding, the IWT has not confined itself to the promotion of Islam merely through academic work.

It has, in fact, made serious efforts at holding multiple day seminars and camps for the practical training of Muslim youth. These live-in summer camps, usually conducted for a period of three days or more, encourage the participating youth to focus on the priorities that Islam has placed before them for implementation in their lives.

We at the Young Muslim Digest are struggling each month to bring out the print edition of Young Muslim Digest which is necessary because millions of Indians not have interest to read religious book.we spread Islamic Article via YMD. We are unable to meet the increase in costs of paper and printing. Many a times we have been on the verge of shutting down for financial reasons.

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Please send your contributions to IQRA FOUNDATION. For those in Bangalore, you may call on the number below. InshaAllah, we can arrange to collect your contributions in person.

Support  for Spreading Islam and Peace(Eg ; Public Talk ,Printing , Book Distribution etc..) , Support for Medical Aid , Support for Education Aid and Other support for the society needs and Peace.

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