Publication Says Claas Relotius Committed Journalistic Fraud ‘On a Grand Scale’

The German news magazine Der Spiegel reveals that one of its top reporters had falsified stories over several years.

Lessons in Effective Communication from the Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The control over Media was a great asset and weapon which the Prophet (pbuh) employed very effectively.

The West’s War on Free Speech

In a truly free society, an educated citizenry is capable of deciding for itself what is “fake news” and what isn’t. Because of… more »

The Farce of Western Free Speech

In practice, Western values like ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom of expression’ are no more than chimera. They are empty slogans.

Thy Freedom is Divine, My Freedom is Vice!

Every government in the world restricts freedom of speech to a certain degree, writes MUHAMMAD BURHANUDDIN QASMI.

Why Indian Muslim Community’s English Newspapers fail?

With repeated dismal performance of well-meaning ventures, it is a sad story.

Exposing the Reality of ‘Reality Shows’

Most Reality TV shows today hamper the society’s culture and atmosphere rather than doing something constructive. These reality shows have crossed all boundaries

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