Environment Corruption

Fiona Harvey 1 Nov 2022 The Guardian The top 1% of earners in the UK are responsible for the same amount of carbon… more »

Light Pollution Taking Away Our Night Skies

Thirty years ago, light pollution used to really only be a concern to astronomers — because they were typically the only ones up… more »

Awash in Water Crises

Nature-based solutions are crucial to achieving our Sustainable Development Goals. Adopting them will not only improve water management but also achieve water security,… more »

Kerala Flood Relief 2018: The Role of Muslim NGOs in Bangalore

Almost eleven lakh people are living in compromised relief camps where they are struggling with shortage of clean drinking water, food, daily essentials and medicines.

The Globalization of Environmental Degradation

Figuratively speaking, a ginormous asteroid is hurtling to a cataclysmic rendezvous with earth, but we are not supposed to notice.

Global Destruction of Mother Earth on Fast Track: A UN Assessment

Without a change in current trends, ‘the state of the world’s environment will continue to decline.’ With no region of the Earth untouched… more »

A Fifth of China’s Soil is Contaminated

An official enquiry conducted between 2005 and 2013, found that 16.1% of China's soil and 19.4% of its arable land showed contamination. The… more »

The Story of the Two Books

While we attempt to right the wrongs of the past, we continue to do so within the narrow and limited vision of economic… more »

2013 UNESCO Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Preservation

The 2013 UNESCO Sultan Qaboos Award for Environment Preservation for 2013 has been jointly awarded to the National Forest Holding State Forests in… more »
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