The Hadith

The Hadith section of the YMD, is a collection of hadith from Authentic sources dealing with a variety of subjects.


Hadith Explains

The Criteria of Belief

On the Trials of the Believer

The Example of a Believer

The Eminence of the Believer

The Believer, His Religion and His God

Steadfastness of the Believer

Ahadith from Ishraq al-Ma`ani

Selections of Ahadith from Miftah al-Ma`ani

The Believer at Death’s Approach

Representations of the Believer

The Believer and His Lord

Virtues of the Believer

On a Believer’s Simplicity and Hope for the Hereafter

Characteristics of the Believer: Selections from Kitab al-Iman of Miftah al-Ma`ani