Syed Iqbal Zaheer, a mechanical engineer by training and profession, is today a well-known researcher and writer on Islam, its culture and civilization. Quite apart from the Tafsir Ishraq al-Ma’ani, the fourteen-volume commentary on the Qur’an, he is also the author of numerous books and booklets on Islam.

Recently, he headed, in his capacity as the Chief Editor, the ambitious ‘An Educational Encyclopedia of Islam’ project which is a two-volume, 1300 multi- colour page, compendium of knowledge on Islam, its civilization and heritage. The Young Muslim Digest, one of the most authentic periodicals on Islam in English has been edited by him since the last three decades.


The Toothless One

What is motherhood now? To millions and billions who have become mothers, the word ‘motherhood’ sounds like it is something new.

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Unlike the unbelievers, the believers live in a world of certainties: in a world of their own. They are sure of their lives, sure of their deaths, and sure of what will happen thereafter

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On Liberty

Liberty in Islam is not for an individual alone. It is for the individual, the group, the society and mankind in general, accompanied by a sense of responsibility.

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The Ghostly Atom

Stagnation in scientific development is not the share of physics alone. Take any field: cosmology, biology, psychology; and even philosophy and theology.

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Distrusting the Trusted

What was once trusted as genuine sources of guidance – the media, scientific education, economy and even the people themselves – are today looked upon with suspicion, if not outright rejection.

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Stupidity and Cleverness

Investigation will falter in its first step, if not approved by logic. Thus, logic leads to invention and to progress. The progress, which people cite as example of rationalism, are only scientific i.e., a product of logic and rationalism

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The Crisis of Our Times

Islam has given its followers, and the humanity through them, the responsibility to act rightly, to alleviate the sufferings, and thus take mankind closer to their Creator

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Are We Alone?

There are estimated to be 100 billion stars in our Galaxy, and there are billions of galaxies like our own in the cosmos.

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Epochal Times

The triumph of Islam is a given. It has to happen. Even if a date, time or season cannot be predicted about it.

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The Challenge before Atheism

If the Qur’an is unique and inimitable – and the Hadith is unique, but imitable – then the Qur’an has to be from God, as the Prophet claimed and pronounced

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On Atheism

To attribute authorship of the Qur’an to Muhammad’s (peace on him), is to demonstrate one’s stupidity – in addition to fanaticism

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Swelling the Slums

Muslims never understood the modern economy, its trends, and its newest methods of conducting business. Their life-plans have remained simple: “Get a degree (at best), and find a job.

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Those on the Verge of…

Raising a hand on the defenceless is intolerable and abhorrent. But the Muslim society today, is what it is. A great majority of them are either ghetto-dwellers, or of ghetto mentality, writes SYED IQBAL ZAHEER.

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Goodbye to Values

The votaries of liberty have known that the struggle demands persistence to defeat their enemies completely.

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The Loss of Trust

The damage done by vested interests, globally, has been something irreparable and irredeemable. It is loss of trust.

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