Syed Iqbal Zaheer, a mechanical engineer by training and profession, is today a well-known researcher and writer on Islam, its culture and civilization. Quite apart from the Tafsir Ishraq al-Ma’ani, the fourteen-volume commentary on the Qur’an, he is also the author of numerous books and booklets on Islam.

Recently, he headed, in his capacity as the Chief Editor, the ambitious ‘An Educational Encyclopedia of Islam’ project which is a two-volume, 1300 multi- colour page, compendium of knowledge on Islam, its civilization and heritage. The Young Muslim Digest, one of the most authentic periodicals on Islam in English has been edited by him since the last three decades.


Denial of God

The atheists of our time fail to study serious literature, but pick up few sentences from popular writers. They do that in order to impress ordinary people, and to let them imagine that they have studied those writers.

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Post-Pandemic: Pride and Arrogance Enroute to Recovery?

Whatever happens to the masses, they feel assured that they will remain on top. In fact, the corporate owners have doubled their wealth during the lock down. The Pandemic has been a blessing to them.

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Not a Clever Idea

Reduction of human population in order to continue with a luxurious or even a comfortable life for the rest, doesn’t seem to be a clever idea.

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The Incredulous Millions

What is thought of ‘religion’ as one that denies people their capacity to think and act reasonably, in every activity of life, whether religious or secular, social or spiritual, could apply to any religion but not to Islam;

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Science’s Amazing Progress in Knowledge

Recent scientific researches into heavenly phenomena have us all but wondering whether we are just chasing after ghosts.

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Are You Surprised?

In Islam, the parents’ rights are immovable, irrevocable.

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Acceptance and Rejection

Shedding of the world is not equal to the renunciation of the world.

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In the Shades of Terrorism

Will the Beelzebub’s neo-con friends learn anything? What ushered them into the Shade of Terrorism?

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The War on Terror

It is now eighteen years after 9/11. Fifty percent of the public has now begun to suspect the governmental version of the attacks.

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The Art of Writing

One of the differences between pure art and the art of writing is that although writing is also described as an art, it is acquirable.

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A Lie

If there has been a debacle, it is not the `Ulama, or the clergy, or Islam, which bear the responsibility for lack in progress.

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A New Attack

Far from persecution, Muslim rulers in the early centuries of Islam have actually been great patrons of science and scientists.

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A Deity Falls

Within 300 years, science has reached its outward limits. Its pace has now slowed, as it faces huge hurdles in its efforts to move forward.

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Have the Leaders Failed the Ummah?

Have the Muslim political and religious leadership failed the Ummah?

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The Chaos

The Muslim youth today knows nothing, understands nothing. Their entire learning is through 15-second clips on WhatsApp.

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