Syed Iqbal Zaheer, a mechanical engineer by training and profession, is today a well-known researcher and writer on Islam, its culture and civilization. Quite apart from the Tafsir Ishraq al-Ma’ani, the fourteen-volume commentary on the Qur’an, he is also the author of numerous books and booklets on Islam.

Recently, he headed, in his capacity as the Chief Editor, the ambitious ‘An Educational Encyclopedia of Islam’ project which is a two-volume, 1300 multi- colour page, compendium of knowledge on Islam, its civilization and heritage. The Young Muslim Digest, one of the most authentic periodicals on Islam in English has been edited by him since the last three decades.


The God Particle

“The Nobel-prize winning Salam-Weinberg model of the electro-weak force expressing the weak and the electro-magnetic forces in a single equation (1967) had also required that the Higgs field exist, and that it manifests itself as a new particle called Higgs boson, which

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The Pain of…

Muslim youth of our times, generally, but of the non-Arab world particularly, seems to be quite in some confusion about itself, Islam and

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The Secret Tales of a Super-Power

When Bertrand Russell, the most avid materialistic philosopher of the last century, visited the United States of America for the first time, he immediately fell in love

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The Dishonest House

A hadith says that amanah (honesty, integrity) was sent down first, and then Revelation was sent down. It should be easy to guess why: if a man is not honest, what good Revelation will do to him? Not surprisingly,

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The Image of God

A famous prophetic statement says, “Allah created Adam in His image,” where, according to some scholars, the pronoun “His” refers to Allah. A few others have thought that it means,

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The Qur’an and Blood-letting

A young man, originating from an Arab country known for its commitment to Islam, and from a family known for its religiousness, fresh in USA as a student, has raised a few questions,

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Changed Hearts

The coming into power by political Islamists in some of the Arab states (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and others) has fired the imaginations and brightened the faces of many a Muslim activist all over the place (may their faces remain bright,

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The Indoctrination

While Napoleon – a warrior (or war-monger, whatever you call him) and a shrewd statesman – said that “History is a set of lies agreed upon,” we have a book before us whose author wrote,

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Predictions of Imran Husain

The year 2011 has not been one that the Americans would love to remember. During the best part of the year Mother Nature wouldn’t smile at them nor allow them a smile. A series of disasters unleashed on them has left many dazed,

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On Return of Khilafah

With the gut feeling among the masses, and no less among the Christians, the interest in the return of the Khilafah has risen high. For the Muslims it is because

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Skulls and Bones Beneath the Grass

Humanity is truly passing through extraordinary times. This last month the world stocks lost 2.5 trillion dollars within 24 hours: a record of its own kind. Two empires are on the brink of economic collapse:

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The Way is the Way

Months and years will remain months and years: 12 months, 30 days.
The sun and the moon will remain in rotation.
Summer goes, autumn comes.
Women will remain women,

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Confidence is not Misplaced

An unusual quality of the Qur’an is that most people who are not classified as Muslims, but have been exposed to it to some degree, hold the feeling that there must be

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Love of poetry is planted in human nature. Where does this passion reside in the human body is a riddle that challenges the biologists and

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The God-factor

Libyan government has been, as all Middle-eastern governments of the last few decades have been, a totalitarian, repressive, one-party regime. But the comparison ends here.

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