Syed Iqbal Zaheer, a mechanical engineer by training and profession, is today a well-known researcher and writer on Islam, its culture and civilization. Quite apart from the Tafsir Ishraq al-Ma’ani, the fourteen-volume commentary on the Qur’an, he is also the author of numerous books and booklets on Islam.

Recently, he headed, in his capacity as the Chief Editor, the ambitious ‘An Educational Encyclopedia of Islam’ project which is a two-volume, 1300 multi- colour page, compendium of knowledge on Islam, its civilization and heritage. The Young Muslim Digest, one of the most authentic periodicals on Islam in English has been edited by him since the last three decades.


The Islamists have a Long Way to Go

What happened in Tunisia is welcome. A fasiq has been removed. He was one of a chain of fussaq evenly spread over the Middle-Eastern countries (none denied a share) who have found their way to positions of absolute power commanding over the lives, minds, and religion of the people.

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What is at Stake

The High-court judgment with regard to the Babri Masjid has internationalized the issue and put religious honor and integrity of a large number of people at stake.

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Clues to Guidance

Someone has picked up from the sewage lines of the Internet, a collection of objectionable ahadith and sent across to us. The compiler holds a PhD in absurdity

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The Miracle that the Qur’an Is

The Qur’an is a mu`jizah in several senses. One of them is literary. That is, from the literary point of view,

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The Last Word

Scholars of Islam have always maintained that when `aql (intellect) clashes with naql (revelation), then naql should be given an unchallengeable position. Indeed, `aql should never be allowed to clash

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Beyond the Tilting Point

In every branch of knowledge, a point arrives during human pursuit after which further knowledge leads to no further clarity, but

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The Boat to Paradise

Those who do not study the Qur’an intellectually, not even studiously, but rather, cursorily, take out a wrong meaning of verses that speak of salvation of several communities

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Times of Signs

One of the Prophet’s wife reports that once he woke up with a start from his sleep and said, “Glory to Allah, what of the treasures He has sent down, and what of the tribulations

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Lessons from the Helen Thomas Episode

Helen Thomas’ parents were of Lebanese origin. But because she was born in Kentucky 90 years ago, the Arab-American tag was not attached to her name

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The Earliest Da`wah Methodology

It is noticeable from the study of early Muslim history after the Prophet, that the earliest Muslims did not make any special effort to invite peoples of the conquered territories to Islam

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On Identity

When `A’isha was asked what the Prophet’s character was, one of the greatest scholars of the Qur’an replied with a question,

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Taxes by an Islamic State

Many democracies, whether of the east or the west, levy high taxes, but provide little services to the weaker sections of the society, who happen to be in majority in every country of our times

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The Four Fiqh Schools

The regularity with which questions concerning the legality of four Islamic School of Law are asked, by all classes of people, the humble, the sophomore and the elite, sends us wondering whether it is possible that we Muslims, especially in

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Contradictions in the Qur’an- 5

It has been pointed out that the Qur’an suffers from no less than 11 contradictions. We have dealt with nine of them in previous issues. In this issue we deal with the last two of the supposed contradictions.

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Contradictions in the Qur’an-4

It has been pointed out that the Qur’an suffers from no less than 11 contradictions. We have dealt with five of them in the previous issues. In this issue we deal with a few more of the supposed contradictions.

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