Personality Development in Islam

Islam focuses on the continuous development of the individual. In fact, and not without reason, the Prophet is reported to have once said:… more »

Khushu` in Prayers (Part-2)

Spiritual connection with Allah (swt) in Salah is attainable through tranquility of the heart

On the Intricacies of al-Nafs, the Individual Self

[Al-Nafs is] an individual, the self, the inner self, the spirit; frequently a synonym of Ruh, yet is different from it.

The Quarantine of Islam

We live in unprecedented times in relation to the crises facing the Ummah. These crises cannot simply be a series of random calamities.

Honouring Ramadan: Keeping the Grace of Rida’

Ramadan is for Muslims to strive towards goodness, strengthen relation with Allah (swt) and enable themselves to make a better place for all of mankind.

‘Soon the Fitna Will become like a Portion of the Black Night’

With our levels of Faith (Imaan) taking a trajectory dip, the trials (Fitnah) we face gather together even as a portion of a… more »

Let’s Restore the Dignity of ‘InshaAllah’ by Learning How to Say ‘No’

The phrase InshaAllah is a powerful and deeply spiritual phrase that if used properly can really help us understand the link between our… more »

Believers of Allah are Altruists

The believer is highly altruistic in his love. He never prefers his own desires over the person he loves.

Ethics and Morality at the End of History

Strange, isn’t it, that the system (Capitalism) supposedly representing the apex of human development has no place for ethics or morality.

Difference of Opinion

A difference of opinion indicates interest and commitment. Not stupidity and ignorance. Only the interested and committed, disagree.

Aspects of the Last Revelation: Directness of Islamic Prayer

Divine expression, as found in the Qur’an, is a moment of great hope for man, for he has been assured of divine response… more »

The True Goal of Human Life

In the constant struggle of good and evil, which is the lot of every human being, it is within our power to overcome evil with sincere effort and Divine grace.

Ibrahim bin Adham against Disobedience

A believer’s journey in faith often takes twists and turns and falls one too many. But in the end, with his knowledge, love… more »

The Key to Happiness

Is happiness a feeling that dwells within or is it to be sought outside our being? What has our potential and talent got to do with this long sought after need?

The Importance of Youth

Youth is the golden period of our life. Our youth is the most important stage of our life because this is the stage when the person chooses a path.

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