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Viet Nam – Epiphany for the USA

Dispensing with any serious concern for consequences, the insatiably consumer-driven materialistic Western Way of Life has ironically and blissfully been destroying life itself… more »

Mass Shootings: The U.S. Empire is in a State of Decay

The chickens have come home to roost in White America and it should come as no surprise in an alienated, heavily surveilled society… more »

The Globalization of War: America’s ‘Long War’ against Humanity

The following text is the Preface of Michel Chossudovsky’s 2015 book entitled: The Globalization of War: America’s Long War against Humanity. “Michel Chossudovsky is one of the… more »

Towers of Deception

Any honest discussion on 9/11 puts into context America’s imperial conquest of oil resources, and the role of drug money, including the proceeds… more »

Foreknowledge of WTC 7’s Collapse

Of the two principal theories of WTC 7’s collapse — one being global structural failure due to prior debris impact and ongoing fire… more »

“Hard Evidence Cannot Prevail over a Transparent Official Lie”

On the basis of the known evidence, knowledgable and informed people have concluded that 9/11 was an inside job organized by Vice President… more »
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