Oxford and Cambridge University Colleges hold £21bn in Riches

Britain’s ancient universities of Oxford and Cambridge have access to a staggering pool of wealth totalling almost £21bn.

YENEPOYA UNIVERSITY Mangalore, Karnataka (India) to start Post Graduate Diploma course in Applied Islamics

Applied Islamics refers to the study of the application of Islamic Principles in the modern fields of knowledge like law, natural sciences, etc.

US College Degrees Lose Mystique among Asian Students

Trump, guns and access to quality education in the US has been affecting enrolment patterns in that country.

Online Schools ‘Worse than Traditional Teachers’

Despite the digital glitz, online learning has failed to match the teacher at the front of the class.

Wrong Way Round: The Jetset Journey

The least each of us can do is to ensure that we acquire enough Islamic knowledge to live our lives within the Shariah’s… more »

Differentiating Between a Scholar of Islam and a Muslim Scholar

The one who studies the Qur’an like any other book and has never tasted the pleasure of standing before His Rabb and reciting His Kalaam

Career Guidance Programs in Karnataka

CIGMA Foundation, a Career Guidance & Counseling NGO based in Bangalore is conducting “Career Guidance & Scholarship Awareness Programs” for

Silicon City Public School

The Silicon City Public School commenced operations in the year 2000 with a pupil strength of only eight students. Today,

Alternative Careers After High School – (Part II)

Given the fact that in our country the pass percentage of students in 10th & 12th std exams averages at 55–60 % and in this,

Alternative Careers after High School – (Part I)

Given the fact that in our country the pass percentage of students in 10th & 12th std exams averages at 55 – 60 % and in this, at least 50% secure marks between 45 to 60%,

Career Myths and Realities

There are many myths related to career and job opportunities. These myths, which are misconceptions, have been exposed by counselors and psychologists giving the clients a realistic and true picture,

Role of Parents in Career Guidance

Parents play a very important role in shaping the career and future of their children. The decision making process in career exploration and career selection is highly influenced by the parents,

Breaking Free!

The Indian education system particularly the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is considered effective, moulding thousands of ‘clichéd’ professionals every year. But its

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