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Reading between the Lines

In November 2009, YMD published an article by Jenny Tailors entitled, ‘What is the Tablighi Jamaat?’

First Principles (Part 2)

The July 2007 issue of Young Muslim Digest carried the first part of this story essay in which the Muslim protagonist, Max,

First Principles (Part 1)

In a world growing smaller by the day, differences in ideas and belief-systems continue to be rendered meaningless in the context of a ruthless standardization of life throughout the globe. However, despite this forced uniformization,

Call of the Cube

Of the many communication techniques to which the human mind has proven itself especially responsive, symbolism and imagery undoubtedly form key components. It has not been

Stagnant Waters

Travels, travelers and travelogues have influenced human literature throughout history and it is no exaggeration to say that these have contributed so much… more »

Refuge in Art

The phenomenon of human art has been one with which the best minds have grappled for centuries. Whether it was the puritanical objections raised by the conservatives, the medieval

‘Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!’

The life and character of Tippu Sultan (1750-1799 CE), former ruler of Mysore state, India, offers an excellent point of departure for an investigation into the role and relevance

The Heraclian Syndrome

Man’s Freedom of Will, and the nature of Divine intervention in the working of the life of the Universe and of Man, have been recurring and much-debated topics

Growing Pains: Father and Son

One of the prime accusations raised by the polytheists of Makkah against Muhammad, the last Prophet of Islam, was that his message divided… more »


In the story-essay presented hereunder concepts of justice and freedom of expression are studied in the context of the violation of these

Exile: Living History

The Hijrah or the migration of Prophet Muhammad, on whom is peace, from Makkah to Madinah, marks a turning point not only in the annals of Islamic

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