Turkish Mathematician Ali Nesin wins the 2018 Leelavati Prize

Renowned Turkish mathematician, Ali Nesin, has been awarded the prestigious Leelavati Award by the International Mathematical Union.

Superbug Hotspots Emerging in Farms Across Globe: Study

Nearly three-quarters of the antibiotic medicines used in total around the world are used on animals grown for food, and growing resistance to… more »

Human Origin not linked to Apes, Says Science Journal Maggie Fox

The skeleton of an early human who lived 4.4 million years ago shows that humans did not evolve from chimpanzee-like ancestors.

Universe Expanding Faster than it Should be

The Universe has repeatedly been observed to behave unexpectedly – the more astronomers find out about it, the more wrong it appears.

One Heatwave Killed ‘a Third’ of Bats in Australia

Over two days in November, record-breaking heat in Australia's north wiped out almost one-third of the nation's spectacled flying foxes, according to researchers.… more »

DNA Structure Discoverer and Nobel Laureate, James Watson’s Honorary Titles Withdrawn

Eminent geneticist, James Watson, has had the last of his honorary titles stripped from him after doubling down on controversial statements about race and intelligence.… more »

Plants Talk to Each Other

Scientists studying corn seedlings believe that they send signals under the soil, advising each other of the proximity of other plants   Plants use… more »

Galaxy without Any Dark Matter Baffles Astronomers

Scientists were recently surprised to find galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 devoid of the mysterious substance.

Japan’s Lunar Orbiter Discovers 50Km Cave Beneath Surface

Data from a lunar orbiter has confirmed a cave beneath the surface of the moon that could be used as an exploration base.

An Overview of the Body’s Amazing, Irreducibly Complex Systems

Look at yourself in the mirror, and wonder.

First of Humankind Found in Morocco

The idea that modern people evolved in a single ‘cradle of humanity’ in East Africa some 200,000 years ago is no longer tenable,… more »

Five Numbers that Will Define the Next 100 Years

Presented herein under are five projections for human life in the next century. These are speculative figures on key parameters like rise in… more »

Link Between Mind and Quantum Physics

The “observer effect,” first noticed in the early years of Quantum Mechanics, seemed to undermine a fundamental assumption behind all Science: that there… more »

What is the Brain?

The brain is the center of the nervous system in animals. All vertebrates and the majority of invertebrates have a brain. Some “primitive”… more »


The next time you pick up an earthworm and toss it onto a compost heap, remember this. You may be wrenching it away from its friends.

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