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Nature and the Qur’an

Book: Nature and the Qur’an Author: S. Tahsin Ahmed Reviewer: Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan Publisher: Academy Publishers, B’lore Pages: 145, Photos: 10, Year:… more »

Two More Volumes of Tafsir Ishraq al–Ma’ani

In the latest installments of his important multi-volume Qur’an commentary, Syed Iqbal Zaheer’s selection of material is, on the whole, intelligent and apt, which is successful,

Many Voices, One Faith

Muslim women writers reveal their thoughts on daily life, politics, war, and religion in the new anthology ‘Many Voices, One Faith’.

Isaac or Ishmael?

If the results of Abdus Sattar Ghawri’s honest labours in producing ‘Isaac or Ishmael?’ are accepted in a spirit of impartiality and good-will within the community of Jews and Christians,

Parent’s Love and Other Islamic Stories

Today, there are excellent collections of Children’s literature found in the bookshops. Among them, we find books for children categorized by age. Professional writers with doctorate degrees and child psychologists are the authors of some of these books.

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