Islamic Investment Opportunities in India

To assess the extent of Islamic investment opportunities on the stock market, one only has to look at the availability of stocks that conform to the norms stipulated by the Islamic Shariah,

Zakah: the Purifier of a Muslim’s Wealth

Nowadays, people consider obligatory Zakah as being merely a special act associated with Ramadan like Zakat al-Fitr and the fast.

Alternative Investments and Credits Limited, Kochi: an Interest Free Venture

The economic system of Islam offers an equitable, yet viable alternative to the interest-based financial system that prevails globally today.This alternative system has been tried successfully in various forms in different parts of the world –

Grameen Bank: The Other Side of the Nobel Prize

The appreciable thing about Prof. Yunus is that he targeted only the poor people. But Islami Bank Bangladesh helped others also along with the poor.