‘Organizational Slavery: The Bane of Modern Muslim Movements’ (Part II)

In May 2007, Young Muslim Digest published the first part of the abridged text of the interview granted by its Executive Editor, BIJU ABDUL QADIR, to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS),

‘Muslims Must Conform to Islam, Not Reform Islam Itself!’ (Part I)

The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), or the National Center for Scientific Research, is a government-funded research organization, under the administrative authority of

‘When Injustice is the Law, Resistance is Our Duty’: Yvonne Ridley Speaks to Young Muslim Digest

In a recent interview with Biju Abdul Qadir of the Young Muslim Digest, British-born, award-winning journalist, Yvonne Ridley spoke on a host of issues ranging from her discovery of Islam, the ongoing ‘War on Terror,’

‘Muslims in India Have To Begin Again Somewhere’

MOHAMMAD SIRAJ EBRAHIM SAIT is the President of the National Youth League – the youth wing of the Indian National League – and the Chairman of the National Council for Justice,

Despair and Hopelessness Forbidden, Tread the Future with Caution: Maryam Jameelah

Maryam Jameelah, the American-Jewish convert to Islam and prolific writer on the religion and its community spoke recently with Biju Abdul Qadir of Young Muslim Digest. Covering a

Muslim Media in India: Predicament and Promise

The Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media (IIJNM) in Bangalore is a premier institution for Media Studies in South India which is closely affiliated to Columbia University

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