It is commonly believed that humor has no place in religion. But answers to “Letters to the Editor” demonstrate that a toe-hold can be created not only for humor, but also for various literary features that generate interest.In turns, cool, witty, uncompromising, provoking, tough, forthright, humorous, yet educative – the answers have demonstrated that religious discussions need not be high and dry boorish.

While tender, emotional, and Eastern minds feel offended by some answers, many broad-minded readers have repeatedly suggested their publication in book form. Rather than feeling offended, the reader might remember that this is a new genre of writing, a new experiment in religious literature, and that we live in a world which is increasingly in short supply of delight.

Letters to the Editor

July, 2007

On fiqh controversies, effect of names, allah’s attributes, willy-nilly, british prayer timings and many more …

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June, 2007

On repeating a marriage, eid cards, hair remover’s side-effects, cap during prayers and many more…

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May, 2007

On investments, husband’s income, woman leading in prayer, sex in islam and many more…

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April, 2007

On computer games, fazaa’il-e-a’maal, divisive forces, a case of separation and many more…

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March, 2007

On uncontrollable temper, slavery, paradise for an unbeliever in it and many more…

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February, 2007

On suggestions and criticisms, doctors and dead saints, the sons of islam, QTV and many more…

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January, 2007

On gifts and loans, uniting the community, jeans and tops, divorce from a woman and many more…

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December, 2006

On the right to education, capital punishment, punishment for cartoon, lease and many more…

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November, 2006

On dream interpretation, sin or no sin, act of major shirk, overseas husband, stampede in hajj and many more…

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September, 2006

On Seeking Guidance, Turban, Marriage Months, Precious Stones, and more…

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August, 2006

On right of marriage, mawlana mawdudi, cap or no cap, limit and boundaries and many more…

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June, 2006

On harry potter series, a critique of editor’s responses to letters may 2005 issue and many more…

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May, 2006

On a marriage problem, scientific spirit, past and present, promises not kept, dargah visit and many more…

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April, 2006

On dreams and houris, existence of god, non-fuqahaa level, nabi and rasul and many more…

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February, 2006

On pronouncing the intention, sujood, concentration in prayers, sex in paradise, tahajjud time and more

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