News Flashes

Compiled by: Syed Nehal Zaheer

Flashes from the Muslim World

January, 2018

Ten Minute School, Biggest Rally against Jerusalem, Digital Revolution in Islamic banking, OIC Member-States to Address Violence against Women, Arabic being Taught in Belfast

December, 2017

Working Group Could Help Solve the Crisis, Jakarta Goes Green with 1,000 Eco-Mosques, Move to Quiz School-girls Wearing Hijab, First Hijab-clad Barbie

November, 2017

Emirati Woman Donates USD5.4M, Makkah–Madinah Train Service to Start, Nine Saudis Win 21 Medals, Need to Differentiate Fatwas to Maintain Stability

October, 2017

Women Plumbers Fix Pipes as Men Leave Puddles, Islam is an Intellectual and Scientific Religion, Muslim Women Can Marry Non–Muslims?

September, 2017

Businessman wins community award, pilgrims given 32,000 cubic meters of zamzam water, hajj terminal in Jeddah can handle 175,000 pilgrims at a time

August, 2017

Islamic Banking Assets, To Boost Gas Production, All Pilgrims from Qatar are welcome, Islamophobia continues to increase, Award Winner Urges Review of Islamic Political Thought

July, 2017

Key Facts about Qatar, Abu Dhabi mosque renamed, Miswak - a Natural toothbrush, Dates – Healthy to Eat, World’s Most Expensive Footballer Performs Umrah

June, 2017

Hijab no bar, Jihadis rise in Syria, Arabic still Vital, MPs Approve Partial Burqa Ban, Beef Exporters Look to Muslim Markets

May, 2017

Islamic Calligraphy Exhibition, Demoted for not Smoking, Gets Top Honor in Malaysia

April, 2017

To Open three Arabic Language Institutes, Exhibition on Madinah, Mosques Win Architecture Awards

March, 2017

More Women to Join its Army, Seizes Pig Hairbrushes, Madinah Airport Ranked SecondBest in the Middle East

February, 2017

USD550 million humanitarian appeal for Afghanistan, OIC Meeting on Rohingya Crisis, Haramain Train to be Fully Operational by End of 2017, and more...

December, 2016

Haji pedals his way to Makkah, Dutch party threatens to ban Mosques, and more…

November, 2016

Hotdogs set for name-change, OIC meet focused on Education, and more…

October, 2016

Haji pedals his way to Makkah, Dutch party threatens to ban Mosques, and more…

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