Veteran’s Day 2013

Presented hereunder is the abridged text of Linda Barto’s speech which she delivered on Veteran’s Day 2013. Linda – a revert Muslim –… more »

Ripples Over the Mandela Reflection

It has been very interesting to see the reactions over the last few days, over the death of Nelson Mandela.

Karzai Disowns NATO without Naming USA

Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, has had troubled relations with his Western backers in recent years for openly criticizing NATO, whom he has accused of having no respect for Afghan sovereignty.

On the Holistic Empowerment of the Muslimah

The Muslim’s is a progressive, God-centered rationalism, coming, as it does, in a world which increasingly sees Islam as a religion of a backward community.

A Conflict of Cultures

It is no longer possible for any Muslim to isolate himself completely from the influences of alien civilization or from the impact of corrupt environments, no matter where he happens to live.

The Inconvenient Truth

The truth is the truth, whether or not anyone accepts it or believes it. The Qur’an came to give the world a solution to its problems. The world is free

Armed Struggles and the Long Term Price

The debate about the way to fight for freedom is usually emotional and sometimes acrimonious. All not surprising, because ‘freedom’ is a

Hijrah and Shahadah: Dynamics of Movement and Change

Throughout Muslim history, the Hijrah has engendered a movement of people from land to land, through sea and land: their purposes varied,

The Hajj: Understanding Sacrifice as Premise

The Hajj is a simultaneous demonstration of many things: a demonstration of creation, of history, of unity,

Our Farcical Democracy

Written sometime before the December 2007 elections in Gujarat which confirmed Narendra Modi in power yet again,

The Woman’s Role in an Islamic Society

For the establishment of a peaceful society, it is imperative that there is division of labour between man and woman according to their physical, intellectual, emotional abilities and aptitudes,

The Tragedy of Women in the West

One of the most revolutionary movements of our times has been the movement of the ‘emancipation’ of woman. It has been so dynamic in character,

The First War of Indian Independence: Recounting Untold History 150 Years On

The 1857 revolt, which had forged an unshakable unity amongst Hindus and Muslims, was an important milestone in our freedom struggle – providing

The Case for Humanities

Philosophers right from Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Ibn Khaldun and till date Francis Fukyama all defined the way the present states exist. They were all intellectuals of the highest level and,

Seeking Knowledge…! Seeking Allah!

In Islam great emphasis is given to the acquisition of knowledge in one’s life. Many verses in the Qur’an emphasize the importance of learning in one’s life. The first revelation of the

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