Artificial Intelligence isn’t Intelligent

It is said that human intelligence has evolved over a period of time; we have seen more technological inventions and wonders in the twenty-first century than in any other period of time.

A small machine, which was initially used to make the long calculations easy and aid the humans in their task, has grown technologically to replace the human mind. Or, is it so? Can a machine’s intelligence pose risk to humans? Geoffrey Hinton the ‘God-father of AI’ quit his job at Google to expose this truth.

Allah (swt) made all humans from the same mould: we all have the same physical features with two eyes, two ears, one nose, one tongue, one head, one torso with two hands and two legs. This human structure has never changed: of course, that is unless there is an abnormality in a particular person.

Similarly,the basic human psychology follows the same pattern for the entire human race. Also major part of human psychology is related to emotional intelligence, which enables us to distinguish between right and wrong.

While machines (now referred to as computer, or laptop, or smartphone), can acquire information and store it in their memories to be used when needed, they lack the ability to understand the human psychology and emotions and, thus, are unable to distinguish between the harmful information and the useful one.

For example, theft and robbery is a crime: it is agreed upon to be so unanimously in every period of time. This is a psychologically accepted fact. Therefore, when a person ‘A’ approaches person ‘B’ to learn about robbery and theft, he could be discouraged from doing it, if person ‘B’ intends good for person ‘A’. However, when person ‘A’ browses the machine for the same crime, he is assisted with multiple technics to do the same, uncensored.

Unfortunately, the twenty-first century has seen terribly high level of human-machine interactions in everyday dealings – possibly even more so than the human to human interactions. Perhaps, this is the reason why humans are gradually losing their ability to be humans, and acquiring the traits of non-living machines.

As the machines get more sophisticated with powerful technology, which is termed as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the research world, it has become more dangerous for human well-being. The researchers and technology gurus themselves have warned the public from its profound risks. The AI machines are designed to learn and interpret the data themselves, which could result in false information, unwanted and disturbing data projection, etc., just to name a few.

We have already reached a state where each one of us depends completely upon the data provided by these machines, like google maps for navigation, youtube videos for recipes, so much so, we use Google-search to fetch an Ayah from the Qur’an.

So one could imagine what havoc it may cause to procure and believe in the information which could be false. It is time we become more self-reliant, and distance ourselves from the risky intelligence of the machines.

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