In Pursuit of Heaven

The concept of heaven has always been a different ideology amongst different communities, and it is obviously influenced by the religion followed. For example, although the Greek mythology was the most refined of all the Pagan mythologies, their concept of heaven was high actions and high passions in an atmosphere of jealousies, frustrations and strife amongst their gods and goddesses. They attributed the same materialistic pleasures to their gods and goddesses, as enjoyed by the humans.

With the advent of Islam many misconceptions regarding this blissful abode became clear. The description given to us about it in both Qur’an and the prophetic narrations are beyond the human imagery. That is, the pleasures, comforts and feeling of contentment is intense, there’s no comparison to it on earth.

However, in spite of this clarity, there are many, who due to their shallow minds and wrong understanding, consider the eternal abode to be a place of only bodily pleasures, and material satisfaction; although, at a higher level, it is something intensely spiritual, where the creation gets to meet his, or her, Creator.

Of course, God is everywhere, all the time, but when His divine presence is felt and experienced to its fullest extent, then that is heaven.

Unfortunately, in the present era, many people prefer to put behind the true concept of God and His chosen way of life, and follow Science, as though it is the new competing religion, and its associated technology is the revelation. No wonder, the idea of eternal bliss has been completely transformed in the present technological era. There hasn’t been more ruthless hijacking of the human intellect ever, as it has been now.

By creating false communities and personalities, people intend to escape the reality and live in a virtual world. I think virtual reality is the highest level of technological deception humans have ever seen. That day is not far when people will be pushed to live in a virtual world, a primary escape from the reality to the virtual landscape, which they perceive to be the heaven.

‘Metaverse’ is the buzz word of the twenty-first century: this is a combination of two words, meta and universe. Concept for this platform has been derived from the dystopian science fiction, where the futuristic society has been imagined to be in a state of great suffering due to energy crises, global warming, economic stagnation and other social problems, and their only escape from this real world problems is into a virtual world.

It has been estimated that in the next five years, nearly a quarter of the world population will be part of this metaverse. Where every individual user is given a graphical representation of his or her character, and that character is called an avatar.

Many experts from amongst the Western scientific community have warned against its negative societal impact, and dangers to mental and physical health, due to the addictive potential of this virtual world. So, one can imagine the chaos and sorrow this virtual heaven can bring to its residents.

Surely, the real heaven is for those who can cross the deceptive one, without being pulled into it.


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