Mission Ethical 2015: National Conference on Importance of Ethical Economic System and Halal Products for Humanity

The Indian Muslim Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IMCCI) and Shariah Board for Economics and Halal services organized a National Conference on importance and promotion of Ethical Economic System and Halal (Lawful/ Safety) Products for Humanity – “MISSION ETHICAL 2015.”.Few Guests from all over India also witnessed the event in which chartered accountants, doctors, businessmen and professionals of the Shariah board were invited. The program commenced with Mufti Asadullah Kasmi (Kolkata) reciting the holy Qur’an and providing its explanation on the subjects of conference. Mohammed Dawood khan, Founder-Director of IMCCI explained the mission and vision of the organization. Maulana Arshad Basheer Madani, an international speaker from Hyderabad enlightened the audience on “Halal (lawful/ safety) life, the Need of Mankind” and disadvantages of interest-based economy. In his unique style, he explained the disadvantages of consuming pork, alcohol, contaminated products, viz., food, beverages, etc and the challenge which human society is facing due to poor economic policies precisely with reference from different religious scriptures, historical evidences and with scientific facts and figures.

The scientific and technical aspects of halal food and products has been beautifully explained by Mr. Tapash Chakrobarty, a biotechnologist from Delhi who won the heart of the audience with his amazing knowledge and vast practical experience. He explained the audience why halal (safety,quality & hygiene) is important for mankind. “Ethical economic System for Humanity” was explained by the young and dynamic speaker, Mr. Saif Sarwar of Almaali Group, Dubai. He explained the reasons in detail about the past and present  economic crisis, inflation, recession and slowdown in economy. Also why the world is adopting Islamic financial modules as alternate best option so that human exploitation is avoided. The religious aspect of ethical economic system was beautifully expressed by Mufti Khalid Saifullah Rahmani Sahab in the light of revealed knowledge by Almighty that why interest is prohibited in Islam and how it is harmful for humanity by giving various examples. He then also gave solutions for the serious problem in which he requested the society to adopt the natural law financial module system, which is based on social welfare and free from human exploitation. He also explained how because of current unethical economic system richer are becoming more richer and poor becoming more poor.

Mr. Tanveer Mirza in his amicable humorous style gave vote of thanks summing up the views expressed by all speakers and enthralled the audience. The main highlight of the event was felicitation of the Honorable Advocate Asif Qureshi, Chairman, Bar council of Maharashtra & Goa by IMCCI Directors for his achievement. In this auspicious conference IMCCI added one more service by introducing “HALAL Certification Services.” ‘HALAL’ is an Arabic word that means “Lawful, safe for the human being with respect to products and services both,” It is a way of living healthy, sustainable, prosperous, responsible, peaceful and meaningful life. Halal forbids usage and consumption of substance, products and services or anything that can cause harm to one’s health, endanger society and nature thus creating imbalance in life. “Halal Certificate” is essential for exports of goods and services in all over the world.  This step of IMCCI will give added advantage to the export of the country. In the conference, IMCCI launched its logo for HALAL certification. The HALAL Certification will be issued under the guidance of Shariah Board. For more information, visit www.imcci.net.

Mr. Salman Ahmed & Faraz Ahmed young and energetic directors of IMCCI compered the whole conference. All the directors of IMCCI – Mr. Abdul Sadique, Abdul Khalique Rana, Qazi Mubeen, Feroz Khan, Ansarulla Khan, Khalil Patel, Farhan Siddiqui, Abuzar Qureshi – and all well wishers of IMCCI took lots of efforts to make the event successful.

The author, Salman Ahmed, is the Director of IMCCI. He can be reached at: 9923360404

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