Selections from the Ahadith

Selections of the ahadith below are from the Muwatta’ of Imam Malik, translated by Prof. Muhammad Rahimiuddin. The figures in the brackets and the notes are by the author, with some addition by others. Numbers at the end of the hadith are those in the original

[1] ‘A’ishah, wife of the Prophet – Peace be upon him – reported that a man told the Apostle of Allah, “My mother died all of a sudden.  If she had time for speech, she would certainly have given charity.  Shall I give charity on her behalf?” The Messenger of Allah said, “Yes.” [1447]


The best one would be to sponsor a related-poor-orphan’s education. Letting open a water-tap for those without in-house water facility. Donating books and pencils to those in Orphanage, and the like.

[2] Usamah b. Zaid reported, ‘The Prophet said that a Muslim cannot inherit from an unbeliever’. [1467]

[3] Muhammad b. al Ash’ath had a paternal aunt, a Jewess or Christian, who died.  Muhammad b. al Ash’ath asked ‘Umar b. al Khattab, ‘Who will inherit her?’ ‘Umar replied, ‘Her co-religionists will be her inheritors.’ When ‘Uthman b. ‘Affan became the next Caliph, he asked him the same question. ‘Uthman b. ‘Affan replied, ‘Do you think I have forgotten what ‘Umar had told you? They will be her inheritors who are her co-religionists.’  [1468]


If the revert -’inheritor’ is poor, he can be helped out from the Treasury in an Islamic/ Muslim country; and out of Waqf property if in a non-Muslim country – as an ‘orphan’. (Those who feel bad to be ‘treated like an orphan’ might bring into their mind, the Prophet. What was he?) Let him rest assured of the reward in the Hereafter if he’s well-off if he forgoes his “share”. Allah willing, if the revert–‘inheritor’s’ rich family revert to Islam, it is ‘better’ that the ‘inheritor’ pay back the ‘help’ rendered to him thankfully.

[4] Ibn Wa’lat al-Misri reported that he asked ‘Abd Allah b. ‘Abbas how wine was prepared from grapes.  Ibn ‘Abbas said that a man brought to the Apostle of Allah a water-skin of wine as present. The Prophet said, ‘Are you aware that the Lord has prohibited its use?’1 He answered he was not aware. Another man who stood close to him whispered something in his ear. The Messenger of Allah asked him what he had said.  He said that he had said, ‘Sell it off.’ The Prophet declared, ‘He2 who has prohibited the drinking of it has also forbidden its sale.’3 Hearing this the man opened up the mouth of the water-skin and all the contents flowed out.4 [1568]


1. Observe the Prophet’s way of making them understand a thing without being harsh or by scolding at the first instance.

2. That is, Allah.

3. For elaboration: Nafi reported that ‘Abd Allah b.‘Umar said that some of the people of Iraq told him, ‘O Abu ‘Abd al Rahman, we buy dates and grapes and prepare wine and sell it.’ ‘Abd Allah b.‘Umar said, ‘I bring to witness the Lord, His angels and the men and the jinn who hear me, that I do not permit the sale of it or purchase of it, the pressing (brewing) of it, or drinking of it, or the serving of it as drink, for wine is impure and an act of Satan.’ [1571]

4. It is also worth mentioning that the merchants whose entire investments were in the brewing business destroyed their goods which resulted in their ‘flowing-wine’ across the parched streets without a second thought except that they hoped for Allah’s Mercy.

[5] Anas b. Malik reported, ‘I used to serve wine, made of half-ripe and ripe dates, to Abu ‘Ubaydah b. Jarrah and Ubayy b. Ka’b.  Meanwhile a man came and said that drinking wine had been prohibited.’ Abu Talhah said, ‘Anas, rise,1 and break the wine vessels.’2  I rose, took a pestle and broke all the vessels of wine until they were all shattered to pieces. [1569]


1. What an enthusiasm and zeal to follow Islam! Although one is to verify any ‘news,’ before taking further action, ‘verification’ per se is not required although desirable if it comes from a trustworthy source, whether from a man or the like.

2. Why break the vessels? Instead just spill the prohibited contents and utilize the container for some other purpose.
Can you expect a Muslim to use a ‘modern’ wine-bottle for carrying water along with his lunch pack? Of course, his intention might be innocent, but his mere carrying of the recognized bottle used for containing known beverage is like promoting it.

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