Sirajuddin Ajmal: An Exceptional Personality

In today’s world two thing matter – money and power. These two factors usually make people arrogant, boastful, and out of reach of common and needy ones.

But in this world a few people also exist whose thinking does not change due to wealth and power. They always think of doing something for the society, for downtrodden section. They can’t sleep after witnessing hunger or miseries of the human being. They consider everything that has been in their reach from the creator Allah (swt) and thus they always try to do something for the betterment of weaker sections.

One of them is Sirajuddin Ajmal, a Member of Parliament from Assam’s Barpeta LS.

Ajmal is an internationally recognised brand name in the world of fragrance. Ajmal family have been doing lots of social work through Ajmal CSR organisations. M. Badruddin Ajmal, the lone Islamic scholar of second generation Ajmal brothers is heading a mass based political party in Assam called AIUDF.

But I take this opportunity to bring to light the exceptional personality of Mr. Sirajuddin Ajmal, a man of noble heart, a true believer who never gave up on his promises.

Sirajuddin Ajmal was born in 1958 in a remote village Donkigaon in the district Hojai, Assam. Fortunately, during his childhood his ambitious and hardworking father Haji Ajmal Ali had settled in Mumbai  and thus after attending one or two class in village, with other family members, Sirajuddin Ajmal reached Mumbai. He started his schooling in the Business capital of India. After schooling, he was admitted to B.Sc. But before completing graduation, he joined in business as according to the family resources. Sirajuddin Ajmal’s nose is incomparable in respect to identifying the fragrance. So success was eagerly waiting for his joining as business icon.

After joining politics, Mr. Sirajuddin Ajmal was elected twice as MLA and currently he is in capacity of LS MP from Barpeta.

Though he is not a Maulana, but in neutral view, Sirajuddin Ajmal is an Islamist in real sense. Despite a busy schedule, he never leaves five time prayer. Even he has been seen by his colleagues preforming the role of imam in prayers.

Sirajuddin Ajmal is a man of great heart. Whenever, he would notice – or come to know about – the problems of any creation by the Almighty, he would never hesitate to extend a helping hand. Despite referring hundreds of such case to Ajmal’s CSR organisations, he always personally extends helping hands to such downtrodden people.

Even after noticing a post on social media about poor, helpless people he has come forward to help them. According to him, this world is not permanent, we are born to die, Allah (swt) is the Creator and He (swt) is examining us. So we should not act as if this life is not going to end. Do noble works, help people as much as possible. Allah (swt) will definitely replace them with best compassion.

After obtaining wealth and power, most people in our society change their attitudes. But even after becoming a millionare, after elected as law-maker of the country, Sirajuddin Ajmal is still a man who is very much down-to-earth, who always wakes up before dawn and offer additional prayers. For anything and everything he depends upon the Creator and always advice people to depend upon Allah (swt). This is the sign of a real believer and such reasons differentiate him from other people.

Mr. Sirajuddin Ajmal is not only a great human being, but also he is a true leader. It is a proven fact that most MPs of our country have failed to fulfil the promise made by them. But Sirajuddin Ajmal is an exception. He is representing a constituency having lots of problems. But he implemented some people-oriented schemes.

Mentionable woks achieved under MPLADS in Barpeta HPC are as follows:

  1. Protection from erosion of River Beki at Bardanga, Jania LAC
  1. Protection from erosion of River Brahmaputra at Rowmari, Balettari, Chenimari of Chenga and Chatpara of Abhayapuri South LACs
  1. Total number 10 of Raised Platforms in flood affected areas of Baghbar, Chenga and Jania LACs.
  1. Deployment of 5 numbers of country Boats for water transportation of peoples of flood affected areas.
  1. Deployment of 3 numbers of Medical Ambulances in Barpeta HPC.
  1. Construction of 10 numbers of wooden bridges on various rivers and water bodies in Barpeta HPC.
  1. Construction of 100 numbers of ACRs, libraries and school buildings within the HPC.
  1. Installation of 2000 Solar Street Lights within the constituency.
  1. Hundreds of boundary walls to various schools and other community places.
  1. Hundreds of road construction and development schemes within the constituency.
  1. Hundreds of toilet blocks at various public places.

(The writer is a journalist and Asst. Editor of Gyan Sambhar, a leading monthly of Assam. He can be reached at his email address

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