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Post-Pandemic: Pride and Arrogance Enroute to Recovery?

Whatever happens to the masses, they feel assured that they will remain on top. In fact, the corporate owners have doubled their wealth during the lock down. The Pandemic has been a blessing to them.

Not a Clever Idea

Reduction of human population in order to continue with a luxurious or even a comfortable life for the rest, doesn’t seem to be a clever idea.

The Incredulous Millions

What is thought of ‘religion’ as one that denies people their capacity to think and act reasonably, in every activity of life, whether religious or secular, social or spiritual, could apply to any religion but not to Islam;

The Hadith

Ahadith on the Day of Judgement

Hadith Explains

The Criteria of Belief


From Racism to Islam

Interviews with American Women (Part-2)

Interviews with American Women (Part-1)