Syed Iqbal Zaheer, a mechanical engineer by training and profession, is today a well-known researcher and writer on Islam, its culture and civilization. Quite apart from the Tafsir Ishraq al-Ma’ani, the fourteen-volume commentary on the Qur’an, he is also the author of numerous books and booklets on Islam.

Recently, he headed, in his capacity as the Chief Editor, the ambitious ‘An Educational Encyclopedia of Islam’ project which is a two-volume, 1300 multi- colour page, compendium of knowledge on Islam, its civilization and heritage. The Young Muslim Digest, one of the most authentic periodicals on Islam in English has been edited by him since the last three decades.


The Science of Hadith

Hadith, literally an utterance, is that body of literature which deals with Prophet Muhammad (peace on him).

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Evolution and National Geographic

The prime malady that failed the Western world, its culture and civilization: dishonesty.

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Finding God

“Does He exist? What is He doing up there? Shouldn’t He answer when we call Him? If He is there, and is of qualities attributed to Him, why is there any suffering on the earth? What is His role in situations of human crisis?”

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Freedom in Islam (Needs revision)

One of the prime difficulties we face in bringing in any significant change at the social, economic or political level among the Muslims, in any part of the world, is, in the final analysis, freedom of choice accorded every person Muslim or non-Muslim. (Needs revision)

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Our Spiritual Orphans

There have been among the Muslims, throughout their history, people – the more away in time from the origin of Islam, more their numbers – to whom Islam is a burden and a shackle. But since its creeds are beyond questioning, (Tawheed, Prophethood, etc.), it is the Shari`ah that is targeted for indirect criticism.

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An Interesting Number

Nineteen is definitely an interesting number. Many people, religious as well as scientists, have been intrigued by this number. In science,

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Crime and Punishment

Why is it, it is often asked, that those who do not worship One God should stay in Hellfire forever, as promised in the Qur’an. Isn’t that unreasonable?

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The Queen and the Maid

Dress styles and clothe designs do not belong to races, religious denominations, or geographical regions. They belong first, to cultures, and second,

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All-Soul’s Day

Freedom is an inviolable tenet of Islam. Perhaps nothing is more firmly established in Islam than freedom. One might cite an example to illustrate how

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A Miracle Called Water

Water is beautiful. As seas it is delightful to look at. People sit for hours at the shore, doing nothing but looking at the waves rolling against the land.

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Breaking Another’s Bread

Religion is generally understood as a system that consists of a set of dogmas, rituals, a few moral precepts and taboos. Islam is not a religion in this restricted sense. It is a complete,

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The Liberator and the Liberated

The liberator has arrived. Earlier he liberated Afghanistan. It was a necessary step. The only ones in the Islamic world who could oppose liberation of Muslim lands were those dangerous terrorists who lived in caves. They were the ones who brought down the two towers. Hosni Mubarak – considered to be their man – is reported to have said,

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The Doctrine of Universal Acceptance

The central principle and fundamental doctrine of the Western life and philosophy is hedonism: maximum pleasure for the largest number of people for the greatest length of time.

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Who is not on Trial?

Events of our contemporary world disturb a lot of minds, old and young. They cannot sort out the events and find difficulty inter-relating them. What is happening and why?

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Welcome to Void

One of the major problems that modern materialistic civilization faces is that of diminishing resources. How and from where to get more for the ever hungry world? Will the civilization die off for want of resources? Can we (the West) maintain our position if the earth’s belly is emptied?

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