Urban Youth Unemployment

The workplace is changing before our eyes, with the gig economy growing while full-time, long-term employment with benefits is stagnant or shrinking.

Following Your Passion

Retiring early seems more like wishful thinking rather than an actionable plan for most working people these days, but plan for it we still must.

Time for a Second Renaissance among Muslims

It would be too late if a second renaissance movement is not initiated soon among Muslims in Kerala and rest of India.

German Nurse Suspected of Murdering at least 90 Patients

At least 90 people were killed at the hands of a German nurse who injected patients with cardiovascular medication.

Indian Muslims – Looking Ahead

The time has come for Indian Muslims to rethink their very existence in this country. We are Indians by choice. We love our… more »

US Admits FBI Falsified Evidence to Obtain Convictions

The scandal over fraudulent testimony, however, only reveals the corrupt and anti-democratic character of the US prison system as a whole. The United… more »

Islam between Indifference and Extremism: An Analysis of the Ummah’s Situation (Part 1)

The following is an extract from a lecture given by Dr. Zafar-ul-Islam Khan, Chief Editor of The Milli Gazette, in a Qur’an Study… more »

The Elites Won’t Save Us

A sustained, nationwide popular uprising of nonviolent obstruction and noncooperation is the only weapon left to save the republic. The elites will respond… more »

How Islam took Root in One of South America’s Most Violent Cities

The Colombian port of Buenaventura is home to a small Muslim community who have successively embraced the Nation of Islam, Sunni and Shia… more »

Children of the American Police State: Just another Brick in the Wall

It is getting harder to convince young people in the US that they live in a nation that values freedom and is governed by the rule of law.

Can Facebook Make you Sad?

Studies suggest that browsing Facebook can make you unhappy.

Huqquq-ul-Allah and Huqquq-ul-Ibaad

Discussion on the rights of Allah ta’ala on us, and the rights of His servants.

Exeter Mosque: Testament to Religious Harmony in UK

The little room used as a mosque in Exeter back in 1975 has grown and expanded into a beautiful mosque and Islamic cultural center.

When Demonization Comes Packaged in Cultural and Civilizational Terms

Trump’s “ban on Muslims” clearly illustrates that Islamophobia is a powerful political currency.

On Groupism with in the Muslim Reform Movement

Muslims are moving away from being a part of the global Ummah to identifying themselves as members of cults.

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