Woman, the Bread-winner: From Housewife to Public’s wife

The rise of breadwinner mothers in the US highlights the fact that, not only are more mothers balancing work and family these days, but the economic burden on mothers could also affect

Ya Habibi!: A Personal Account from a Martyr’s Wife

Presented hereunder is a personal, moving, account of Asmaa Hussein, a Muslim wife who lost her husband as one in the hundreds of innocent casualties

Senior Vatican Cleric Arrested in Money Smuggling Case

A senior Catholic cleric arrested for plotting to help rich friends smuggle tens of millions of euros in cash.

British Upper Class Turning to Islam

Authentic research has shown that over 14,000 British men and women have converted to Islam after having lost hope in the style of life the West is offering.

Islamophobia or 9/ 11: Which Came First?

The framing of narratives and views about the Islamic world serves to present Islam as a threat to the West’s security, supremacy, and values, and it persists despite the secular transformation (to various extents)

Sustainable Development: Myths and Realities

In a world that is increasingly being driven by the vested material, tangible, interests of a few nations,

The Tragedy of Woman in the West

The Western society seems to be approaching its journey’s end. Only the rediscovery of morality can give it a new lease of life. It must be clearly understood that the

Rising Divorce Rates: India Joins the Western Bandwagon

A subtly inculcated problem on the global scene has been allowed into the Indian cultural tradition in the name of modernity and change. The blind pursuit of material progress and

The Coming Social Collapse in America

Islam devotes much attention to the issues relating to the family and strives to establish it on the healthiest and strongest possible foundations.

Obama, a Political Houdini

There’s a new act in the White House these days, but while Harry Houdini built his reputation performing death-defying escapes and magic tricks his political Doppelganger

The Most Expensive Perfume in the World

What do Paris, Clive Christian, Firaun, Egypt, Archangel Jibrail, a grave and Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to heaven have in common?

Celebrations: Contagious Calamity!

Celebrations, in totality, are syndromes from which you cannot escape. It has complex, multi-layered systems each reinforcing (and supporting) the other.

Census of India: Reading between the Lines

Ever since Census of India has declared much awaited figures and findings, the communal agents have been using the lop-sided figures to advance their interests and ideology. Census of

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