The unbelievers do not recognize the believers today. They will fail to recognize them tomorrow.


The Jahiliyyah

The coming years promise to lead the public closer and closer to the pre-Islamic pagan thought, culture, and beliefs, writes SYED IQBAL ZAHEER.



The acclaimed leader of the world, the United States of America, appears to have begun to suffer decline, writes SYED IQBAL ZAHEER.


Two Figures

John Perkins asks for civil society to join hands, start to act, and to create a new economic order in which everyone gets his share equitably, writes SYED IQBAL ZAHEER.


Life after the Pandemic

Since over a year, a variety of thinkers, economic specialists, bloggers, and a dozen other experts and non-experts have predicted that life on earth is going to change drastically in the coming years.


Is that Too Much to Ask?

Allah (swt) urges the atheist to be reasonable.


Denial of God

The atheists of our time fail to study serious literature, but pick up few sentences from popular writers. They do that in order to impress ordinary people, and to let them imagine that they have studied those writers.


Post-Pandemic: Pride and Arrogance Enroute to Recovery?

Whatever happens to the masses, they feel assured that they will remain on top. In fact, the corporate owners have doubled their wealth during the lock down. The Pandemic has been a blessing to them.


On the Intricacies of al-Nafs, the Individual Self

[Al-Nafs is] an individual, the self, the inner self, the spirit; frequently a synonym of Ruh, yet is different from it.


Not a Clever Idea

Reduction of human population in order to continue with a luxurious or even a comfortable life for the rest, doesn’t seem to be a clever idea.


The De-spiritualisation of the West

Western civilization does not strictly deny God, but has simply no room and no use for Him in its present intellectual system.


The Quarantine of Islam

We live in unprecedented times in relation to the crises facing the Ummah. These crises cannot simply be a series of random calamities.


Turkish Mathematician Ali Nesin wins the 2018 Leelavati Prize

Renowned Turkish mathematician, Ali Nesin, has been awarded the prestigious Leelavati Award by the International Mathematical Union.


The Incredulous Millions

What is thought of ‘religion’ as one that denies people their capacity to think and act reasonably, in every activity of life, whether religious or secular, social or spiritual, could apply to any religion but not to Islam;

The Hadith

The Criteria of Belief

Selection of Ahadith from a chapter titled Kitab al-Iman from the forthcoming collection called Miftah al-Ma`aniby Syed Iqbal Zaheer

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