The Chaos

The Muslim youth today knows nothing, understands nothing. Their entire learning is through 15-second clips on WhatsApp.


The Rise and Rise of Bangladesh

Bangladesh defies economic and political gravity.It hasbecome one of the world’s economic success stories.

Contemporary Issue

The West is Manufacturing ‘Muslim’ Monsters: So Who Should be Blamed for Muslim Terrorism?

In the last five decades, around ten million Muslims have been murdered because their countries did not serve the Empire, or did not serve it full-heartedly, or just were in the way.

Human Rights

Women Politicals of the American Empire and the Plight of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in Context

‘Terrorism’ charges needing no habeus corpus or rules of evidence, mean no justice and no sanity for Muslim women caught by the US ‘justice’ system.


Reason and Logic (Part-2)

In a previous issue (Dec. 2018) we have pointed out that the world is largely lived in, and ruled, by those who have reason and logic missing in their mental make-up.


An Original Indian Woman

A struggle is afoot to bring back sanity, prevent suppression of criticism, and refusal to accept hatred as the normal way of life.


Reason and Logic

After the universal traits of hypocrisy, dishonesty and duplicity, how will Muslims escape this new malady of the loss of straight-thinking?


The Hairstyle

To determine as to what is by free will, and what is by Divine Decree, can be difficult to judge, but, only sometimes.

Human Rights

How the World Learned China is Holding Over a Million Muslims in Internment Camps

Regular citizens, reporters and rights groups adapted themselves to get the truth out about China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims.


Minority Issues and Monopolistic Attitudes of Majorities: How Ummah Becomes a Complete Solution?

If minority issues are to be wound up forever, it is obligatory that the universe should embrace the concept of Ummah which is put forward by Islam.


Kerala Flood Relief 2018: The Role of Muslim NGOs in Bangalore

Almost eleven lakh people are living in compromised relief camps where they are struggling with shortage of clean drinking water, food, daily essentials and medicines.

Contemporary Issue

A US Trade War with Turkey Over a Little Known Pastor? Don’t Believe a Word Of It!

Turkey’s real crimes, as far as the US is concerned, include buying the Russian S-400 missile,and refusing to accept support for America’s Kurdish YPG allies.


Another Dip

Not a single Western country has so far ordered the expulsion of Israeli diplomats in protest over the mass killings of Palestinian civilians.


Ahmad Khalil: The Story of a Palestinian Refugee and His Family (Part-1)

The author of the story being serialised herein under, MARYAM JAMEELAH, went on to become one of the most prolific writers of the last century on Islam.


Responsible and Effective Parenting

Parents have a very important role in the development of the faith and the personality of their children.

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